When a tree falls


When a tree falls in the forest,
shall a sound be heard at all?
Will a lament rise up skywards,
penetrate its earthen soul?
Will roots listen into silence
stretching deep into the dark
to maintain and to uphold
all its former untold glory,
love affairs with wind and rain,
 trace the sunshine in life’s story,
venerate and hold again?
When a tree falls in the forest
Will we hear its silent voice?
Will we think about a lifetime
in a service without choice?
Will its dying foliage crumble
in an effort to remind
of the day we all are falling,
suddenly and undefined,
and that memories shall wane
from so many untold stories
buried deep, where they remain?

© Yutka 2023
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sad deep and lovely write. another poem that makes me sigh.


Empathic, and beautifully written, and has a lovely flow. Sue.

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