Minha vida revelados.

With post-haste,  whisk me away,
Away from this God forsaken place?
As in life say nothing nice,

Just plain old honest,

Fear not my dears.
No waking, no quaking,

Barely a sound nor a tear.
Just one simple song,

The occasional word, to celebrate
The harsh struggle for that sober life…
Nor lined box and without fancy dress.
I came with nothing,

And therefore I exit with the very same.
You share my worth, for where I am tis all free..
May you all benefit from my humble estate,

Make better use than I…
A quiet corner will do me now,

Forsake this madding place!
You stopped me living my simple life.
Now unshackle me from this mare.
And may I now this time has come, 
Truly ask to rest with peace.

© munster 2023
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