Once upon a time

An extraordinary peace

No bonds, no treaty signed

No one blamed, none fined.

In absolute silence

Without bombastic words

Weapons of the world

Getting their place

In museums of all charming countries.

A do-not-touch tag attached

to those instruments

of wars and worries

For posterity to watch

How insane we were

killing ourselves mindlessly

In land, water and air.

Let today’s world see

Yesterday’s deadly destiny

In those grave asylums

We were committed to the crime

Once upon a time.

© supratik 2023
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well one can only hope that humans will reach this level of promising peace unspoken treaties one day. at least.


What an optimistic composition. How nice it would be if all that the poem says, comes true!!
To lend more beauty to the thought, apt phrases and choice of words.. a delightful read! To quote a few :
“instruments of wars and worries’
“Yesterday’s deadly destiny’

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