Sleeping Giants

Walking in the rain
Brief dreams of what might have been.
Nothing hurried for now.
The ocean is quite for a moment,

The minds ripple quietly.
Divided like dislocated beings
Displaced in a weird warp
The rhythm from the resilient
Diminishes, don’t quell the innocent.
African drums fall silent
The island is relentless, the island is still.
Life all around shares my uncertainty 
Tomorrow maybe changes ring out?
Maybe not..
Can you see the bigger picture? 
Without vision?
Without a sound ?
Who was l to hold so many wishes,
Not for me but the tongue shackled natives,
Suppressed  many a day.
Life never promises
Orchards full of cherries,
Birds singing making happy.
Who should expect perfection?
Perfection lurks for those in denial.
We should look before we jump
Still waters can make  fools of all.
Why in dreams do we fail to 
wake but in nightmares we do?
These are not dreamers,
They are realist, silent passive warriors.
Utopia only serves to catch the foolish.
The giants of this island are the very souls 
Who slave daily for a pittance.
Just like the wind
Their voices will be free,their voices will be heard

© munster 2023
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