Convent Walls

Convent walls can be so high …



Convent walls can be so high;

Please forgive me darling, should I cry?


You can bury me as deep as you need;

Only do it with a kind of mindfulness …

No need for any rush or speed,

Only find me a loch that’s blindfulness …


And so I’m sad about that last rhyme;

It comes over me one last time.

Well received as if in a church,

Past is hovering my own clerk.


So they say that the church is dying

Yet some people are oh soo trying

I could vanish as if on a slope

No I’m not on some kind of dope …


Aye I’m yours if you feel thus inclined

And my heart’s on a bended vined

Yes I’m sad about that one last rhyme;

It came over me one last time …


Now I need to intertwine the dine.



© Omecronon12 2023
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