Smile please

If you could capture
your angry face
in a picture
you’d be horrified
at the image,
perhaps know
why, before you click
you say, say cheese
or smile please
so you don’t
look like a burnt toast
you shine and glow.

But the artificial smile
you camouflage
may not be of help
in the long run.

The rage you hold within
could ruin your style
also, your profile,
it’s bound to affect
your health from inside,
the junk, like an ominous sin
will take you for a ride.

Throw up the stubborn dirt
from the bottom of your heart,
the world is not picture perfect
however, the nature is always at its best,
so don’t let anything make you angry;
be at ease, even if you have to cleanse
professional or personal malice or disease,
you could even address
the most depressing social injustice
but first and foremost, be at peace
from inside, smile please.

At one go you may not succeed
even if you fall or fail, practise.

© supratik 2023
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