Rise and Fall

A glance, perchance, into the not-too-distant-future.


Civilizations since the dawn of time

Thought they were forever

Thought they were fine

All of them have passed away

None of them exists today,

We think we are the epitome

That we alone, yes, you and me

Will survive for all of time

Never to perish

It’s a false dream we cherish


The Egyptians empire came and passed

The Greeks and Romans didn’t last

Empires come, and empires go

As we British ought to know

We thought ours would rise and rise

Ignoring the signs of our own demise

Or the actions of those we should despise

Lauded as heroes who lead us to hell

Their message of greed to sell, sell, sell

Our souls for illusion, delusion


Snort my powder, you’ll feel high

Don’t ask why just buy, buy, buy

Corrupt politicians turn their minds away

More concerned with their ill-earned pay

Teach the children not to care

As long as they have their paltry share

Cynical society turns away  its  face

When they should be shouting out disgrace

Yet destroying the earth for those unborn

Profit now has become the norm


Five thousand years from now

After democracy’s final bow

When all we’ve built has passed away

And all that’s left is rank decay

The archaeologists will scape our bones

Puzzling over mobile phones

Were these weapons that wiped them out?

Yes, the ghosts of us will shout

The drugs and corruption we failed to halt

And paid the price of our grievous fault


© pronto 2023
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nothing truer I guess.


A very true statement of fact.Well done, my friend , be lucky, Peter.

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