The Asylum

do you feel it?
as you walk slowly through the dark,
in this fallen neglected labyrinth of the mind,
where mold and filth fester upon crumbling walls,
and rainwater seeps and falls like tears of the damned,
this once great building now diseased and decaying,
a parody of the minds once entombed within,

can you hear the echoes of the screams?
from trapped helpless souls that once resided here,
lost wandering in a world they could not percieve,
inmates confined within a prison of imagined normality,
told that the very thoughts that defined them,
violated the normal and the sane,

did you see the shadows move and flicker?
showing glimpses into the realms of the tormented,
a world of cruel kindness and healing tortures,
where madness and sanity walked hand in hand,
and the doctors purging guiding light,
burned with a bright blue crackling flame…

welcome to the asylum……

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Evocative of a cruel practice now fallen back in history (Or has it?) well written.


Having read one I feel thus inclined. I can relate to it even and no … sorry to disappoint some more optimistic comments; it hasn’t disappeared – it has “only” changed in shape a little and gotten a slightly new appearence in the process. Very poignant reminder this piece is to me anyway. (and yes – well written).

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