It just dawned on me – I’m a person

Mann muss immer immer immer immer immer immer veruckt sein

My sincere apologies for writing this;

I know it’s not good work

But I have a confession to make …


I am not who I am; I’m only a person

And as such they tell me I have human rights.

I have been trying to tell them there are human obligations

And that it is impossible for me and for everyone

To appeal to human rights only and virtually all the time

But it doesn’t seem to work …

Not at all.


I have basically been a rabbit chased by hypocricy

As if my own wasn’t enough …

Alone again forevermore

And alone is not always strong,

So I kneel to people,

Unknown faces

in various places

To provide me with the means

That I seem to lack right now …

They go by a single name

And that one is capacity …


As absurdity reigns

And all ships are called to port

The archers of infinity won’t bow

And my clothes look to good 

For comfort

I don’t need someone to cut me down to size

‘Cause that’s already been and gone

I need a life.

But that’s just me

In a burned out nutshell.




© Omecronon12 2023
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“The ancient rose remains by its name, naked names are all that we have.”

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