When the Wind Blows

When the wind blows,
as every girl knows,
skirts can be uplifted
by a sudden gust.
So a maiden must,
to keep her modesty,
wear a tight garment
or else be content
to sport men’s trousers.
But for anti-feminists
it would represent
the height of travesty.
They claim it’s the norm
for women to don
a feminine apparel
as their uniform.
Yet some men adopt
without feeling guilt
the Scottish kilt.

© Luigi Pagano 2018

© ionicus 2023
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Hi Luigi,
thank you for sharing,I like this one however it makes me wonder if men ever fall victim to up skirting, It would really be quite funny..Peter.


i’m all for men wearing skirts too but not long clothing.
in fact our national costume Tsolias is a guy wearing one.

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