For each loved friend you lose
you stifle slightly more by all that hollowness
increasing in the darkest emptiness
remaining in the soul like a disease
for all those irreplaceable relationships
that have been lost forever
while at the same time you never can forget them.
Can it comfort them,
that they in that way still go on,
remaining present and alive in limbo memories?
That uncertainty you’ll have to live with,
but if it in any way could comfort them,
if they can feel that you are missing them,
it still remains to you the poorest of all comforts,
since it only can increase and deepen
all that emptiness and hollowness
and terrible incurability of longing for them.


© aurelio 2022
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Very deep and insightful I like it good write


well that is the only hole a person can make in my heart, become a real friend and disappear.
nice poem


This resonates with me because I have experienced it. (Mae culpa) Keenly observed poem

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