Broken Nights.

Insomnia is a miserable companion.


hour after hour

time draws its claws

across the night.


Fragments of half

forgotten dreams call



their ragged forms

falling, drifting dust

in moon puddled


© sweetwater 2023
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Hi Sue,
you are right, insomnia is a B…….Very wonderfully described.I love” the drifting dust in moon puddled corners”. Well done Sue,I have written about the subject too being a victim of it myself ( Archives) Be lucky,
Peter, aka Pommer) xxx


Hi Sue,
what a good idea, I have a TV in my bedroom ,and I regularly fall asleep in front of that one and the other one too.I feel like sleepy one of the seven dwarfs..Life can be very lonely during those dark sleepless hours.Be lucky,
Peter xxx


Hello Sue
I hope this does not sound unsympathetic to your problem, but I sleep soundly most nights.. However I can see how frustrating it must be and you depicted that very well in your poem. You do have a way of creating an image, and like Peter I found the concluding phrase quite mysterious and moving. It almost put me to sleep!!

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