War is a crisis

War, spread all over the world
like a blue horror; it gallivants on the red carpet
respected, revered; it is a strait that’s troubling
existence, yet it is the weather without which 
the tonsured world cannot breathe.

Weapons, arms are disastrous – stillborn children 
of civilizations over the years; but their parents 
are the blackjacks we carry within, explode them 
in all walks of life on a war footing! We seem to be 
in love with war, riding on a mindless monster.

We hide behind words replete with 
superfluous ornaments; produce, 
market weapons on one hand, 
while on the other, we talk and write 
volumes on disarmament.

War is a crisis, a red bed 
on which we cremated peace.

© supratik 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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crisis in greek is also judgment it is a greek word a thought-provoking piece, “And that the father of all created things is created and uncreated, the made and the maker, we hear him (Heraclitus) saying, ‘War is the father and king of all,’ etc.” Plutarch, de Iside 48, p. 370. War between Good and Evil, this is the father of all created things, so we all fight somehow. we are in constant war, deep within our soul heart and mind, for subtle ideas and qualities essential for life and perhaps… the afterlife. so what’s the role of peace then?… Read more »

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