The indifference syndrome

The fact that no one cares

The murderous indifference
kills you slowly piece by piece
of your mentality and soul
by draining you of your enthusiasm and energy,
confining you to isolation of yourself,
and the worst thing is there’s northing you can do about it
but continue working, loving, carrying on
in spite of all. But actually there is one remedy.
Forget yourself. Instead remember,
that you are in soul a part of all the living universe,
in which community each living soul is part,
none more or less than any other,
which implies that you can never be alone
and that the only thing worth living for
is actually that universal infinite community,
that is, all others but yourself,
or, putting it in other words,
to live for others is the only way to make it worth while living,
it’s the only meaning of your life,
the only meaning that can actually be found,
for only living for the soul can be awarding and expanding,
and in finding the community of other souls
alone, you’ll ultimately find your own.


© aurelio 2023
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I like the logic behind this and it really set me thinking. Sue.

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