The invincible

Since long those people
have become invisible
they left the orbit
long ago, but it’s the habit
that still wages war
against them
creates a mayhem
inside, still-born thoughts
burn to be born
make me forlorn
hatred and anger
bread and butter
energizes the Scar
that blocks and blots
the invisible people
remain and ruin
they become invincible.

Since long those people
have gone
they won
I lost, I accept defeat
from then on
light on my feet
I rise above the ground
Stars in me
heal the scars
harmoniously glow
all there is becomes a bliss
because I let them go.

I bless those friends
let them win, I make amends
I let them grow, my journey begins
as light as it should
those stubborn people
leave me for real
leave me for good.

© supratik 2023
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