I Called Z Passably Pretty


And she was unhappy about it.

I am either pretty, or beautiful, your choice.

But you’ve always called me the latter

And so with you, in the sanctity of us,

I was always beautiful.  What’s changed?

Or are you fucking with me, playing,

Always playing, but with an edge, sometimes

Too sharp.  Read your poems

To me, mine to you.  Think of us in a dark

Room, me slowly unbuttoning my shirt,

You’re on fire, that should do it.

© slovitt 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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what a woman this Z something between Kim and Sharon, 9 1/2 weeks and basic instinct, so far this female character is the most sexual of all your poems about women of your life.

well written piece.


OMG!!! I think I need to lie down in a darkened room.
There is something SO erotic about the shortened terse sentences, the anger, (subdued passion) then the last three accusatory lines…
I am no poetry expert by anybody’s thinking…but I know what leaves a mental picture on my inner retina and a feeling in my body.
Good poetry should do that sort of thing .

Alison x


Walking around sizzling! That made me laugh out loud. No I am just in touch with my feelings and emotions thank God. I hope I remain so engaged until I am pushing up the daisies. 😉
I don’t know how to live any other way I’m afraid.
I am glad you feel I read your poems well.
Alison x

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