Happy Birthday!

For Ben!

It never ends, and it never gets any easier!

Your image,

is captured,


through the lens.

The angelic look,

your innocence

Your beauty,

never fades,

It will never

grow older,


like a fine wine,



The memories


the hurt,

the pain.

twists and turns 

a grief-stricken


Twenty years on

it becomes


more unbearable

each year,

but each year

I become

one step

closer to you

to say

Happy Birthday! 



© SugarMama 2023
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I am not sure about the relationship you have with Ben, but since you, although it has not gotten easier as you say, you do become one step closer your Happy Birthday poem shows a lot of appreciation for Ben and must be happy about it.


This makes me cry. I always loved your poetry and the way you carried on living through the pain. I have lost my grandchildren…not through death but through a vengeful act. I live with unbearable grief too in my own way.
As you say here, it does not get easier, it just gets to be something we long to be relieved of one bright day when all this is past.
Once the loving connection is made, death nor anything else can separate us in the end.
Sending love to you and so good to read you again!!!
Alison xxx


So sorry to hear you are not so well. Neither am i I am afraid. Living a day at a time.
Same goes for you if you ever need a listening ear. I am here.
Alison x

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