Before the Kiss

Speaking softly poignant words,

Each gliding on the cool breeze,

Wandering aimless like butterflies. 

Each alights ever so lightly on the ears,

Like rose petals creating singular ripples

Landing upon a pond.


Smiling iridescent radiant beams, 

Each permeating their radius

With warmth akin to kindling flame. 

Each lights the stark darkness,

Like rays from newborn stars,

Embarking across the ill illumined. 


Laughing sweet heavenly melodies

The air excites, aches, to carry and deliver.

Its atoms never privileged to vibrate 

In such harmonious rhythms. 

Like hypnotic hymns sung by Cherubim,

As they serenade the dying a final lullaby. 


She speaks, she smiles, she laughs.

He listens, he mirrors, he echoes.

Her lips, a desert spring seeping life,

Draw him closer like bees to nectar.

He begins to think he could do without…

But then she speaks, she smiles, she laughs.

© sky 2023
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i think this is wonderful!

 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>

Too many adjectives and adverbs.

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