Thar’s pain in that there love

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Love will end with pain
Love always ends with pain
Splashing in the sea of
A lover’s promises
We blind our eyes to that

Feeding on fantasy
That this one is ‘the one’
The one who understands
The only one that cares
Before the pain creeps in

And the eyes start to see
Their empty promises
The soul begins to feel
That isolation it knew
Before this ‘one’ was found

And another is sought
To fill that empty space
And they become ‘the one’
Until the loneliness
Comes knocking once again

And between the pain days
Are sprinkled golden days
Of building sandcastles 
And splashing in the sea 
That make it feel alright.

© coolhermit 2023
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true love doesn’t end, delusional love does.

believers are in great pain constantly. for example it says in the gospels “Lord help me in my unfaithfulness” to describe the great agony one feels if he is faithful enough or if he loves god enough. there was a monk whom everybody respected because his life was so virtuous so christian nobody could blame him for any sin. so when he was about to die he was crying and crying and the other monks told him “why would you cry, your life was almost perfect you never sinned!” and he said “that’s what I am crying about, I am… Read more »

is this the saint?

why do you call him Phocus who is Φώκος, from Greek mythology

i will read your other poem, thanks!

is this the saint?

why do you call him Phocus who is Φώκος, from Greek mythology wiki/Phocus

i will read your other poem, thanks!

(my other comment for some reason awaits moderation just checking now)

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