Macho Man

My mate in the pub was moaning that his wife just didn’t understand him. He said she hates football which he loves, and can’t see why he goes to the pub so often. Another mate said its because women are from another planet to us, which inspired me to write this ! 

I’m just a man

keep a stiff upper lip,

when women cry freely I say

” oh please get a grip.”

I’m just a man

don’t watch soaps on TV,

I like to view sport

never seen Holby City.

I’m just a man

I do love my grub,

and drinking lager

down at my local pub.

I’m just a man

don’t go crazy over shoes,

but I do go a bit nutty

when my football team lose.

I’m just a man

big,clever,and strong,

while females have their faults

I’m hardly ever wrong.

I’m just a man

can do jobs around the home,

and unlike a woman

don’t spend hours on the phone.

So I’m just a man

but I do know my place,

because when auntie Flo reads this

she’ll want to slap my face ! 


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