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Those three bitches of destiny,

Those stitching sluts make it hard to endure.

And because of their dark and nimble senility

It just gets worse, year after year.

Though I curse them with a sailorly

even a clerical vigor

Better I cry at the amnesiac sky.

                     If I live to be a hundred

                     This truth I have learned.


But cursing, damn it, warms the blood.

Warms it like every ingenuous sinner knows

Like even furious love cannot.

Profanely sworn, vehemently shouted vows

May incite a timorous heart

Bound in its crumbling ditch

To burst that last damned, unendurable stitch.

                     If I live to be a hundred

                     This truth I have learned.


Drunk, I dreamed. Loutishly weaving,

Ball-fisted I went, grinning and grimed,

Carried beyond those whore’s conceiving

To the place where all mummies unwind.

I sang where all stitches unravel!

I danced in abandon unbound!

Laughing, I swore and I swore and I swore

Just for the joy of the sound!

                     If I live to be a hundred

                     This truth I have learned.

© ImSJ 2023
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you also seem to have an at least suspicious disposition towards the Fates.

i understand what you’re saying here. not even Zeus can ignore them without paying the price somehow.

they are weaving for the wheel of time/destiny but whose instructions how to weave are they following. that is the question.

good poem .

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