The trap

‘Summing up all what I had been trying to establish for the past ninety minutes is this. That it is a vice. We do many things that we wouldn’t approve of, for appreciation and recognition. We lie, cheat, back-stab our friends, colleagues in our attempt to becoming the ‘best’ in the industry. Everything seems to be justified in the name of competition. But they are not, deep inside we pay a heavy price, they are stress, anxiety, depression. We are all drug addicts; the addiction has become endemic now; we have become addicted to deadly drugs called appreciation and recognition. We cannot face the truth by sitting with ‘self’; we are perpetually fleeting from ourselves by partying, going out for vacations, watching TV, going out for films, dating. The reason we all hate to go to work (this ‘all’ means majority of us) is because we do not approve of doing what we do in the professional world.  Maybe the most popular quote, ‘Thank God, it’s Friday’ or the most popular engagement of the workforce, which is looking for holidays’ list right at the beginning of the year, are all indications of this disapproval. Sadly, our behavioral pattern in the professional world has influenced our personal world too; we seem to be in the vicious cycle, taking a roller coaster ride in a park which is more alarming than amusing. It is a trap. But the question is if we can liberate ourselves from these drugs! Yes, by exercising spirituality, we certainly can. We can be successful and yet be free from all kinds of diseases by regularly practising meditation. Thank you ladies and gentlemen; thank you for your patience.’

The engrossed audience was silent for a while; then gave the speaker a standing ovation for his convincing speech. Why not, he is till date the best speaker the world has ever known. Everyone felt it was an outstandingly researched speech and kept on clapping, until the curtain fell.

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I get what your saying supra but I feel you are going far over the top about how people hate going to work because they don’t approve of what they are doing. Seems to me that this is just a crutch the speaker is using to beat us over the head with spirituality. I also think the audience bit feels a bit self congratulatory. It almost as if you are saying what a wonderful writer you are which i’m pretty sure, however, is not your intention. cheers albert 🙂


although for some reason (i don’t know why because i never said anything impolite to you, you do not reply to my comment the last time) i must say that this was not what it seems the word best sounded ironic, it is a very bleak condemnation of spiritual leaders or speakers and their audience, it seems you are pointing out the horrendous inability of humans not only in their personal lives not only in their professions and their societies and countries but also in their moments with themselves to NOT offer or receive recognition/appreciation. they must either offer or… Read more »

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