Three Star Date Erdington 2016

I found Marsha via
‘adult’ social media.
And, as these things go,
we took it slowly.
Fifteen emails led
from, ‘how are you?’
to, ‘I think I love you,’
to infatuation.
I booked adjoining rooms
in an equidistant
A. A. recommended
three star place in Erdington.
Oozing languid elegance,
at ease on a red leather sofa
she waved discreetly
as I arrived late – fashionably.
Marsha boasted non-stop throughout dinner
her grandiose gushing swamped the table,
drip dripping through creosote slatting
onto cigarette butt cellophane asphalt.
She’d opted for the barbecue menu.
The play of her lips was fascinating,
chew chew chewing pork chunks with
chicken grease dappling her chin.
And behind her head
the Moon and the stars
covered their eyes in 
pity, shame or mockery.
The sex was perfunctory.  
We conjoined half-heartedly,
indulging private fantasies.
Then, disconnected, passion spent. 
I closed the door on her gentle snoring.
She would not miss me – come the morning.


© coolhermit 2023
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I enjoyed reading this ,What a romantic place Erdington is. Spent a week’s honeymoon there in 1948.It was Christmas and it was a blissful period spent. Didn’t see much of Birmingham, too busy .I loved the last two lines of your write. Be lucky, Peter.

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