St.George’s Day 2017.


T’was the end of a wonderful love

that lasted for many years,

years of laughter and happiness,

years of constant love and some tears.


Memories are all I have left now,

Happiness is hard to find,

every hour of each long lasting day

you are always on my mind.


On the day that you departed,

I was holding your hand ‘

I heard you say I love you

I knew this was the end.


But like you I am firmly convinced

that it is only an end of earthly life,

and that one day we shall meet again

to live throughout eternity

My dearest darling wife.



E.W.Peters.                         15-04-2018.



© pommer 2023
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THat is a wonderful thing to believe, pommer, and i wish you both the best of adventures in the hereafter. It’s so sad reading stuff like this especially the final “i love you’. Though i got to say that that was a real blessing you heard her speak and she that knew you were with her right till the end.. I’m sure there must be lots of happy/fun memories of your exploits together emblazoned in your head that hopefully one day you will be able to write about.. all the best albert

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