My Famous Dad

What were you doing, John Kennedy
the day my father died?
And Luther King, what words did sing
from you on his demise?
John Lennon, did you write a note
or Orson venture pawky quote?
And Marilyn never slit her throat
The day my father died.

© albermund 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Very amusing, Albo.

I’d get rid of “what words did sing” though. Maybe something like…

Luther King, what words did you sing
on the day of his… (insert adjective here)… demise?


Albermund I suppose this applies to a lot of us, but I understand your feelings.
Who amongst the countries great leaders said a single word when My dad died. The country he fought to keep free.
Perhaps they didn’t know my dad, at least not like me…Tony

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