Virgin Speaker

Apologies if I posted this before.

She was unsure in the spotlight,
A trembling tethered kid
In a jungle clearing tiger shoot.
Shielding her eyes from the glare
I felt sympathy as
She apologised for her timidity
“I’ve never spoken in public before.”
Her soft spoken rehearsing
Of the fear of rape
And loathing of violence
Was boosted by her diffidence.
She should have been issuing
Books of botany and butterflies
In a still-water library
In Bexhill on Sea.
Not standing with hands on hips
With growing confidence and trenchant irony
Recounting the indignities
Women encounter in a cess-pit society
Not standing with hands on confident hips
In a calf-length modest red dress
And matching specs from Vision Express
Taking deep breaths.
My pal pointed to her breasts
The hint of nipple
Poking through the dress,
“Great tits! Would you give her one?”
“My granddaughter’s older than she is.”
“Yeah but look at her… Would you?”
I closed my eyes,
And in my imagination
Stripped her naked,
“Go on. Yeah. Bloody hell!  Not half.”
Hail Mary full of grace, is it too late?
I cannot look long in the mirror these days.


© coolhermit 2023
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This was expertly done. Disgusting. Cheers albert 😉

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