image:  gomathi mohan


Intro: Observing the behaviour and flying patterns of her neighbours, a hetrogeneous mix of avians, wisdom dawns upon the poet who begins to see things in a different light. 




Sipping hot tea on a wintry noon,
Soaking in the sun seemed a heavenly boon.

Gazing at my neighbours, across the brook,
Knowing them perched on treetops, time it took.

Crows, magpies, thrush, dove and pigeons,
Parrots, bulbuls, mynahs and robins.

Screeching, cooing, squawking and twittering.
Playing around, noisily chattering.

A bird of Jove soared, leading them in tandem,
Into the yonder blue, in great abandon.

Excitedly they chirped and followed the eagle,
Keeping up to it like a well-trained beagle.

Sprightly weaving in and out,
Enjoying in mirth, their ballet-bout.

Not once bumping, no signs to foray,
Mitchell’s Diversity Ballet on full-fledged display.

Flapping airborne, glissading down the air,
Respecting other’s space, playing the game fair.

Forming patterns with utmost coordination,
Bounding and sliding in precise synchronisation.

Flocked all the while, in their own group,
Not once did they fall, out of their troupe.

With such discipline and full of bonhomie,
The bevy of birds displayed total harmony.

Showing us how to live in unison,
Being with their own, for others no aversion.

Avians contended with their merriment songs,
Leaving hatred to humans where it rightfully belongs.

Humans are hostile, breed contempt and repulsion,
Avians are far ahead, with their affection;

‘On Humanitarian Grounds’ echoes with hollow cries,
Time we coined ‘On Avitarian Skies.’

© Gomathi 2023
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