Franks Last Day



Frank’s Last day


It was just another ordinary day

Until the hearse went past

It was then the scene hit people quite hard,

 Had they forgotten it was old Frank’s last


The last day he would be amongst them

Perhaps it had gone out of their head

It wasn’t till now it was remembered

That poor old Frank was dead


Not that he bothered much with people

He tended to stay on his own

 Yet he was a cheerful old chap

Although he was nothing but skin and bone


But it was when the hearse

Was half way up the hill,

Just then the back doors flew open

It made passers by quite ill


Frank’s coffin then fell out

Onto the cobbles below

Then it started to move

At first it was quite slow


People just stood in amazement

But then the coffin gathered pace

Everyone soon ran after it

As though they were all in a race


The coffin went faster and faster

It was almost out of view

But came to a sudden halt

Where Frank always took his favourite brew


Soon it was pints all round

To a toast everyone drank

We’ll always remember this day

And especially dear old Frank.




© potleek 2023
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To be frank, p, this is quite good fun. Cheers albert 🙂


Yep, I agree, it’s well worth the read. On the critical side I would loose a few words, it’s a bit over written. Sadly something we all suffer from. For all this I did enjoy the read.


Funny but sad if true. Peter.

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