Waiting For Lou

Waiting to surprise an old lover, Cilla style. 
Sitting alone, eyes flicking
clock to cafe door
sipping Americano
black suit, shirt,
shoes and shades
the essence of cool
waiting for Lou
Count-down December
till waking to find
a tangerine crammed
hanging ankle sock
maybe a toffee too
is how it feels
waiting for Lou
Thirty years since
she made promises
then left me
registrar and witnesses
clock watching
corridor pacing
waiting for Lou
The tight space fills
slow at first
but gaining pace
mostly women
some men in tow
waiting for the show
waiting for Lou
Lou enters and her entourage
I’m lost in the crowd
the time has passed
for hugging for kissing
and fleeting flirting
suddenly I’m tired of
waiting for Lou
She takes the stage
to cheering and clapping 
I walk away misting
bitter tears – regrets
that’s all I’d get for
half a lifetime of
waiting for Lou

© coolhermit 2023
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Such a poignant poem sweet yet sad.


Like this very much, especially the last verse, it could so easily apply to me, although for me it’s more like three quarters of a lifetime. Sue.

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