The Love Song of Donald J Trump

A bit late for Valentine’s Day, but anyway …



Come walk with me, I’m feeling randy
And you look sweet as sugar candy.
My hands are small but I can cope,
I’m always partial to a grope.

Your lips are red, my tongue is ready
My pulse rate is a bit unsteady
My heart is pounding, my head is thick
You are a rose, I am a prick.

Whatever moves about the place
I find myself compelled to chase
Human or animal, I’m not fussy
I’ll be the dog, you can be pussy.



© shadow 2022
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Ha! He’s such an easy target but what the hell this gave me a laugh. Cheers Albert 🙂


Ha, ha cheered me up no end! Loved it.


This made me smile! I love it when people mention his tiny hands, especially as its something he clearly hates. Nice read!


OMG! Shadow.. This is hilariously cool.. I wish poor Prufock could read this!!

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