‘I have constipation. Bowels come in bits and pieces you know. Shapes are like nuts, sometimes like sausages. Even after being in the bathroom for hours I feel I have not fully cleared; even if I go now, something will come out. Weird sounds (puckered face). Bad smell! What about you?’

‘Oh I have loose motion you know. All the time I have sound in my stomach. See. (He takes his hand and lets him feel the sound.) Did you feel that? (He nods his head as if to say yes yes I do, and smiles) When I look at it before flushing, it looks like yellow kind of drinks, with bubbles.’

It was futile to interrupt the jugalbandi of the two grandpas, mine and hers; they became instant friends. How they initiated the conversation I don’t remember. But I do remember my parents brought me to visit the girl’s house to finalize the date of marriage. The atmosphere became weird as far as I could smell; the two mothers were sternly looking at their spouses who were escaping gaze, looking at the wall, the ceiling.

The most senior members were smiling and looking at the delicious plates on the table; they looked eager to take their bites and sips on the foods and drinks that were served.


Jugalbandi – is a performance in Indian classical music, especially in Hindustani classical music, that features a duet of two solo musicians. The word jugalbandi means, literally, “entwined twins.”


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Pretty disgusting stuff, S, but I could well imagine it happening with a couple of old geezers. Well funny in this setting as was yours smell comment. Cheers Albert 🙂


Full of humor 🙂


I thought that amusing and true to life (once my stomach had stopped churning) We old folk do talk a load of shit at times 😉

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