Campus Games (chapters 4-6)

Ashley and Katelyn meet when they find they are to share the same house on the campus of the college they attend in New Mexico. Ashley has hopes of becoming an artist while Katelyn dreams of becoming a prosecutor.

Then the murders start and even Ashley herself is attacked!

As the students live in fear, Ashley and Katelyn form a special bond. Can they survive long enough to find out just how strong that bond really is?

Chapter 4

Later on that day a pair of detectives, assisted by one of the campus directors, went door to door questioning everyone who was available, hoping for even the tiniest of clues to help them catch the killer.

“Are you the only ladies living in this house?” asked one of the detectives.

“No,” said Katelyn. “There’s a girl named Rose Andreas who lives here too, but we haven’t seen her all day.”

Just then, the door opened up and in walked Rose.

“There you are,” said Nicolette. “We were wondering where you’ve been all day.”

Rose closed the door and looked warily at the detectives and the director. “Just out and about. I heard the horrible news,” she said before the detectives asked her the same questions they had asked the others.

Shortly afterward, the detectives left the house and the girls fell into their usual weekend routine. This meant that Dalene would spend most of the time out of the house while the other three spent most of the time in their rooms. Even Rose was gone more and more these days.

Try as she might, Ashley couldn’t imagine where Rose could possibly spend so much of her time. She could see Dalene having enough phony, conceited people like herself to hang with, but quiet, shy Rose? Must have a boyfriend, Ashley concluded. After all, there were plenty of guys who liked quiet girls like Rose, and although she was heavy, she wasn’t ugly.

After a while of reading, she thought about knocking on Katelyn’s door.


Wonderful, gorgeous Katelyn who she just couldn’t stop thinking of when she wasn’t thinking about the student that was killed and the horrible fate she narrowly escaped herself.

However, she opted not to go to her room so as not to come off as a pest. Instead, she decided that since it was close enough to dinner time anyway, she’d go fix herself something to eat and hope that Katelyn would come out to do the same at some point.

She set her book down on her nightstand and stepped out into the hall. The sound of crying stopped her dead in her tracks. She glanced towards the right, then towards the left.

Who could possibly be crying?

Heading towards the left, she realized, as she spotted light from underneath the door closest to hers, that it was Rose she was hearing. Just to be sure, she ventured on past Rose’s door towards Nicolette’s closed door.

The sound faded.

She doubled back, took a deep breath, then knocked softly on Rose’s door. At first, she didn’t think she heard her or that she was going to answer if she had, but then she got a meek response. “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Ashley. Can I come in?”

Ashley could sense the hesitancy on the other side of the door.

“Yeah, I guess. It’s not locked.”

Ashley opened the door and found Rose sitting on the edge of her bed, tissue in hand.

“I heard you crying and I just wanted to see what was up. Can I help in any way?”

Rose studied Ashley with skepticism, then smiled softly. “No, thanks. I appreciate your concern, but I’ll be okay. I just get a little homesick at times.”

Ashley smiled understandably. “I know what it’s like. Where’s home anyway?”

“I’m from the area.”

“Got a big family?”

Rose nodded. “Four sisters and three brothers.”

“Wow!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Most Mexican families are quite large.”

Ashley laughed. “I guess so. Why is that anyway?”

Rose shrugged. “Don’t know. It’s just how we are, I guess.”

Just as Rose went to blow her nose with the tissue she’d been holding, Ashley noticed cuts on the palms and backs of her hands.

“What happened to your hands?”

Rose looked at her hands as if noticing the cuts for the first time. “Oh,” she said nonchalantly, “I passed by some kids playing ball and the ball whizzed right by me and into some thorny hedges. Guess I got scratched up a bit helping to find the ball.”

“So where do you hang out on weekends? You’re usually not here.”

“Here and there,” Rose said evasively.

“He must be quite a prince,” Ashley said with an impish smile, trying to coax the mysterious girl to open up.

“I wish,” Rose said sorrowfully. “Maybe someday, but right now I just don’t seem to fit in anywhere, you know? Guys aren’t interested in me because I’m fat and other chicks don’t want to hang out with a Mexican.”

“To hell with any guys who don’t want you just because of your weight, and how about hanging out with your own kind if you feel others will reject you?”

Rose shrugged, seeming to consider Ashley’s advice, then placed her hands in her lap, still holding the wadded tissue, and looked up at her. Her look had changed. Now she was eyeing
Ashley as if she were an intruder.

Ashley began to back out of the room. “Well, I’ll give you some space. I’ll be around if you decide you want to chat some more.”

“Thanks,” Rose said before she shut the door and headed for the kitchen just as Katelyn exited her room.

Ashley’s face lit up as fast as her heartbeat sped up.

“Hey there, what’s up?” said Katelyn.

Ashley motioned her into the kitchen and Katelyn followed, curiosity furrowing her brow.

“I heard Rose crying,” Ashley whispered, “and so I knocked on her door to see what was up.”


“She said she was homesick.”

“How strange,” said Katelyn.


“She said she never got along with her family. Something about feeling like the black sheep of the family because she was the only one born out of an affair her mother supposedly had.”

“Oh,” said Ashley.

Katelyn glanced towards the hallway, then back at Ashley. “It’s never good to gossip, so let’s just keep this between us, okay?”

“No problem. I probably wouldn’t be telling this to anyone else. I feel I can trust you more than anyone else I’ve met around here.”

“Good,” Katelyn said with a smile as she rummaged through the refrigerator.

Ashley watched her, admiring the way her snug ass looked in the jeans she wore.

“You know,” Katelyn said, closing the door to the refrigerator and standing upright to face Ashley, “I’m rather tired of the same old, same old. You had dinner yet?”

Ashley shook her head.

“How about it if I have a pizza delivered and you split it with me?”

“Sure, let me go check my money and…”

“Oh, don’t bother, hun. It’ll be my treat.”

Ashley turned back to Katelyn.

“Really, it will be. I’d love to treat you,” Katelyn said with a twinkle in her eye. “The only way you have to pay for it is to share it with me and keep me company for a while. That is if you’ll agree to do so.”

“Of course I will and I’d love to spend time with you,” Ashley said with a smile.

“You like mushrooms?”

“Love them.”

Excitement swept through Ashley as she skipped happily down to her room to run a brush through her hair while Katelyn phoned in the order. She studied her reflection in the mirror and noted her happy expression. That changed when she looked down at her dull sweatpants and sweatshirt, but thought it may look a bit odd if she changed now or touched up what little makeup she wore.

Ashley left her room shortly afterward and watched as Katelyn stepped into the darkened living room to take the pizza once it arrived. She looks good even in the shadows, she thought to herself, watching her sexy silhouette brighten as she turned and came towards the lit kitchen.

“Let’s grab some silverware, drinks and some napkins first,” said Katelyn.

“I’ll fetch it. You can go get set up in your room and I’ll be in in a sec.”

“Okay then. See you there,” Katelyn said with a wink.

A wink that suggested what? Ashley wondered. That they’d do more than eat pizza? Or could she be mistaking a friendly girl who simply wanted to be friends and nothing more?

The answer would come not long after they finished most of the pizza.

“I’m stuffed,” Ashley said, “yet it was really good. Thanks for the treat.”

“You’re quite welcome.” Katelyn stood up. “I’m going to go and put the rest of it in the refrigerator for now.”

Ashley watched as Katelyn gathered the pizza and some other items from the bed they sat on while they ate, and then leave the room with both hands loaded. She studied the room closely once Katelyn was out of sight.

By the nightstand stood a picture of her standing between what appeared to be her parents.
She had her arms draped over their shoulders as she smiled broadly. The rest of the room appeared to be an ordinary room for a college student with textbooks, pens, and pencils, along with other typical items.

She was still sitting on the side of the bed when Katelyn returned. She walked slowly towards her, hands tucked casually in the pockets of her pants.

“Do you want me to go now in case you want to study or go to sleep?” Ashley asked, suddenly feeling a little timid.

Katelyn smiled slightly, then asked, “Do you want to go?”

Ashley thought a moment, then shook her head slowly. “No,” she said softly.

Katelyn sat down next to her, shook her bangs out of her eyes and gazed at her. She then smiled and reached for one of Ashley’s hands, cupping it gently in her palms and studying it intently. “So tiny,” she said with a smile, glancing back at Ashley.

Katelyn then released her hand and leaned towards Ashley for their first kiss.

Ashley leaned closer as well.

Their lips met in a sweet, soft, tender kiss that seemed to be filled with a mixture of curiosity, lust and emotion.

After a moment, Katelyn pulled back, smiled, then said in a hushed voice, “Hold on.” She stood up and walked towards the door which Ashley couldn’t see very well from the bed. She heard Katelyn click the lock into place before returning to where she sat. “They don’t usually knock first.”

Ashley chuckled.

Katelyn sat back down next to her and leaned towards her once again for another sensual kiss. Little by little, Katelyn nudged Ashley onto her back with her weight where they kissed a while longer. Then Katelyn stood up and pulled her shirt up over her head along with the sports bra she wore while Ashley sat upright to remove her own shirt and satin-lace bra.

Katelyn shrugged out of her pants and underwear, then Ashley laid back so she could remove her sweatpants. Katelyn helped, tugging at the sweatpants before taking a moment to feast her eyes upon Ashley’s body. Delight and excitement shone in her dark eyes.

“You’re quite a beauty,” she said softly.

Ashley smiled. “The feeling’s mutual.”

And it was. Katelyn was a stick, in a sense, that most guys wouldn’t exactly go for, yet she possessed a certain kind of beauty that appealed to her as well as strength that gave Ashley a sense of security. She could easily see other gay fems such as herself desiring the tall, dark, muscle-bound girl. Delight stirred within her as she watched the way she held her shoulders high, chest erect. She had very small breasts, yet she had firm, erect nipples that made her quiver with a desire that was foreign to her, but wonderful just the same. Muscles rippled gently from Katelyn’s shoulders down to her forearms as she moved to hover over her with her arms at her sides.

Pinned beneath Katelyn with her lower legs dangling over the side of the bed as she trailed a line of kisses down her face and neck, she felt her passion growing surprisingly fast. Katelyn’s flesh felt heavenly against her own as the trail moved down to one of her breasts. Her body arched against Katelyn’s swirling tongue, demanding more. Warm breath mixed with the cool moisture left on her quivering skin as she quickly swung her tongue to administer the same heavenly treatment on the other breast.

Ashley’s breath now came in short, shallow breaths. She noticed that Katelyn’s breathing was getting heavier as well with her own mounting desire for ecstasy and release.

Katelyn’s tongue slowly and teasingly trailed down from her breasts to her lower belly as she slid off the bed to kneel on the floor.

Ashley’s legs spread instinctively, longingly. “Please, Katelyn,” she begged.

Katelyn glanced up at her with lust-filled eyes.

“I can’t wait any longer,” Ashley told her.

Katelyn slipped her silky panties off with ease in one quick, fluid motion and Ashley wasted no time. She threw her legs around Katelyn’s neck and pulled her closer to her before she clasped her ankles securely in back.

“Guess we are getting desperate here,” Katelyn said with a grin.

“Please hurry,” Ashley urged, amazed at just how desperate she truly was.

Katelyn dove between her legs and expertly licked and sucked at her pussy till she brought her to a squealing orgasm.

She let her heart rate slow down for a minute, then, sensing Katelyn’s own urgency, she motioned her onto the bed and switched places with her. Katelyn bent her knees so that her feet were on the very edge of the bed as Ashley moved in between them. Katelyn gazed down to where she knelt, hot with desire. Ashley slid her hands up towards Katelyn’s firm breasts. At the same time, she began to lick Katelyn’s pussy till she shuddered in ecstasy, placing a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out too loud.

They took a moment to catch their breath, then Katelyn sat upright next to Ashley. “So how ya feeling now?” she asked.

“Wonderful,” Ashley replied with a grin.

“So you’re certain this is for you?”

“Without a doubt.”

Katelyn looked thoughtful a moment. “It sure was good.”

“Yes, it was. A little fast, but good.”

“Well,” said Katelyn with an impish and suggestive grin, “we can always make it last a little longer the second time around.”

With that, they made love again… Slower this time.


Chapter 5

Ashley awoke the next morning even more excited than she had the day before. Her thoughts went immediately to Katelyn and all that they’d done together the night before. It was close to midnight when Ashley had finally returned to her room with much reluctance, noting that Rose and Dalene were still out.

“I’m going to kill those bitches!” she heard Dalene scream.

Oh no, she thought, not again. Now, what did I do?

“Kill whom?” she heard Nicolette ask.

“Beth Ashton and Julia Drake.”

“Why?” she heard Rose ask shyly.

“Because they’re such assholes!”

The voices got further away as they headed into the kitchen, so Ashley was unable to make out everything that was being said. She rose, threw on her robe, then headed for the kitchen herself. Katelyn was seated at the table along with Rose and Nicolette. She smiled at Ashley when she saw her.”

“Morning, hun,” she said.

“Good morning,” Ashley answered back.

Dalene continued, oblivious to her surroundings as she pulled a jar of peanut butter from one of the cabinets. “They’re just such lying, back-stabbing bitches! Beth had a party at her house last night, which she invited me to. Then when I got there she changed her story and said she hadn’t invited me. So then when I said I’d leave, she said no, no, don’t do that. I have a guy I want you to meet, and believe me, he desperately wants to meet you, too. So I told her that if he was better in the sack than my boyfriend, I’d give him a try.”

Nicolette and Rose glanced at each other with slight amusement on their faces.

Katelyn looked up periodically from the magazine she was thumbing through and glanced at Dalene as if she were as pathetic and as immature as she sounded. At least she sounded that way to Ashley, who was quickly becoming rather embarrassed for her on top of sick of her tirades.

“So we go up to her parents’ room – her parents are out of town – and we talk a while, have some beers, smoke a little grass, then he comes onto me like a hurricane. At first, I was like, whoa, buddy! Don’t be so rough and so damn desperately eager. So then he chills enough to shuck our clothes and we go to get it on. Next thing I know, Julia pops open the door and snaps pictures of him on top of me.”

Dalene finally finished smearing enough peanut butter on her toast.

“How awful that must’ve been!” Rose interjected while she could, sounding sympathetic, or at least trying to.

“Tell me about it!” Dalene screamed. “I chased after her to try to get the camera, but the fucking bitch locked herself in another room and Beth demanded I get the hell out or else she’d call the cops, and I was like call the cops? You’re the ones who invited me here so you could play this sick joke on me! So the sick bitch insists I crashed her party and that I better leave, but as I told her, if I find out anyone’s seen those pictures, she’s minced meat.”

Dalene picked up her toast, turned around to lean back against the counter, then chomped into the toast as if she were just as angry at it.

The others sat in silence.

“You say it’s Beth Ashton and Julia Drake?” Rose finally asked.

“Yeah,” Dalene said with a nod. “The assholes live in the first house in row D with some mousy chick they call Gertie.”

“I’m surprised. They always seemed cool,” Rose added.

“Yeah right!” snapped Dalene. “Cool my ass.”

When Ashley decided she was too hungry to continue to stand around and listen to Dalene anymore, she went to the cabinet to pull a box of cereal from it. She had no sympathy for the girl. Not only did she accuse her of stealing her shirt, she also never apologized for her false accusation once she’d learned that she had simply dropped the damn shirt in the utility area.

Dalene looked over at Ashley, now sensing her animosity. Taking her last bite of toast, she turned and left the room, leaving the others to roll their eyes behind her.

“She really brightens up a room just by leaving it,” Nicolette said.

Rose giggled while Ashley and Katelyn smiled knowingly.

After Ashley finished her cereal, she asked Katelyn if she were planning to use their established bathroom.

“No,” she said shaking her head. “I’ve already showered.”

Ashley then went to take her own shower. When she was done, she threw on a pair of jeans and a pink short-sleeved knit top. She then applied a touch of makeup and brushed out her long hair. When it was knot-free, she put it back in a braid and stepped out into the hall. Nicolette and Katelyn’s doors were now closed. She headed towards Katelyn’s room, glancing left along the way into the kitchen, then right into the living room. No one was present. She assumed Dalene and Rose had left the house, which would explain the bang she’d heard while in the shower. Dalene made it a regular practice to slam the door when she came and went.

When she approached Katelyn’s door, she rapped softly.


“It’s me, Katelyn.”

“Come on in.”

Ashley entered the room to find Katelyn sitting on her partially made bed propped up on a pillow, paperback in hand. She too, wore jeans; only she had on a dark purple top to go with it. She was a turn-on even in casual clothes and not much makeup. Ashley admired the way she did her makeup. With her looks and coloring, the effect was stunning.

“Hi, sweetie. What’s up?” she asked with a bright white smile.

“Oh, not much. I was just wondering what you were doing today.”

Katelyn set her book aside, still holding a touch of that brilliant smile. “Why, I can be doing whatever you’d like me to be doing. Want to go out somewhere?”

“Sure, if you’re not busy.”

“I’m never busy on weekends.”

“You don’t feel the need to be alone after dealing with so many people all week?” Ashley asked.

Katelyn appeared to consider this, then said, “No, not as long as you’re the one I’m hanging out with.”

Ashley smiled while Katelyn got her sneakers on. “Where to, Miss?” she asked, now standing upright.

“You lead, I’ll follow.”

“Okay, why don’t you go grab your purse or anything else you don’t want to leave lying around here, then we’ll take off somewhere,” said Katelyn, stuffing a woman’s wallet into the pocket of the black suede fringed jacket she now had on.

God, she looks hot, thought Ashley. She looks tough, but not mean. Just what I apparently like in a woman. “Sure,” she said, temporarily checking her appreciation.

Yet Katelyn had caught the lustful look in Ashley’s eyes before she left the room. That was okay, for she was sure she had been thinking the same dirty thoughts as Ashley had, yet Katelyn needed more in a relationship than just sex.

Wait a minute. Were they actually in a relationship?

Katelyn thought about it a moment. Yeah, I guess we are, she finally concluded. If we can continue to get along this way and have great sex too, while we’re at it, then why not?

Katelyn glanced at herself in the mirror and grinned a silly grin, enthralled by the idea of Ashley being her girl.

Ashley exited her room just as Katelyn exited hers.

“So why did your mother wait till her mid-thirties to have you?” Ashley asked as they casually strode towards the strip mall while she studied their surroundings as well as Katelyn. It was a cool yet sunny day. Birds fluttered about. “Did she just want a life before you took it over?”

“No,” Katelyn said with a chuckle. “According to her, it took her that long to not only find a decent man but to find one who was willing to have kids, so that’s what took me and my sister Loretta so long to enter her life.”

A man slowly cruised by, checking them out as he passed.

“Pervert,” Ashley muttered.

Again Katelyn chuckled. “My, you’re an outspoken one.”

“You could say that. So just what is it with men being so afraid of responsibility anyway?”

“It isn’t just that. A lot of them don’t want the competition, you know? They want a woman’s undivided attention. As my mother always told me before she realized I was gay, Katelyn, if you want to marry and have kids, you better make darn sure that man really wants those kids because a man will tell a woman anything to get her to marry him. And this is coming from a woman who’s as straight as a ruler.”

“Regardless of the fact that I’ve always been attracted to women, I’d say most men are selfish, spoiled little wimps,” Ashley stated in a matter-of-fact tone of voice which Katelyn found amusing. She admired the open bluntness and the spunky energy this sweet little lady possessed.

“Do you want any someday?” Ashley asked her. “I mean, we are living in a time where women are encouraged to skip the family and go straight for the careers.”

Katelyn looked thoughtful a moment. “Well, if I never have any, and I probably won’t, it won’t be because of what the going lifestyle is, but because I choose not to have them. What about you?”

“Nah, I don’t think so. I’m a little selfish and spoiled.”

Katelyn laughed. “How’s that?”

“Well, the idea of regular 3 AM wake-up calls isn’t exactly appealing to me. Neither is having to pass up spontaneous outings.”

“Then I guess we’re a good match.”

Ashley turned her head sharply towards Katelyn. “Seriously?”

“I am if you are and if you don’t think we’re moving too fast,” Katelyn said with a smile.

“No, not at all. I’d love to be your girl,” Ashley said, smiling back.

“Good. Now that that’s settled, let’s decide where to go from here.”

Ashley stopped and looked at the neat row of stores. “Well, I didn’t have much of a breakfast.
Want to stop for a bite to eat at the coffee shop?”

“Sure, we can do that. Dalene lightened up my breakfast pretty well, too.”

They laughed and headed down to the coffee shop at the end of the strip.

Ashley looked around her as they walked. She studied the dozen or so people that were going in and out of the stores. “You know,” she began, “I look around me and I wonder, could any of these people be the one who attacked me and killed that poor girl?”

Katelyn glanced about at the people as well and considered the idea. “Let’s hope not,” she said dubiously.

“Think it’s some student from your all-American dysfunctional family or an outsider or what?”

“Don’t know.”

They entered the pleasantly warm coffee shop. A heavyset African-American woman sat at the counter. She was the only one present, so it seemed. There were curlers still in her hair as if to suggest she was too lazy to pull them out when she’d gotten up this morning. Ashley thought she looked ridiculous.

Ashley and Katelyn took seats in a nearby booth. Not long afterward a redheaded waitress snapping loudly on a piece of gum appeared from in back. “G’mornin’. What can I getcha?”

They decided on ham and cheese omelets. The waitress then gathered their menus and headed off to place the order with the cook, disappearing in back once again.

After a few minutes, the African-American woman called out to the waitress.

Nobody came.

“Hey,” she called again, growing impatient. “I asked for more coffee ages ago.”

The waitress still did not appear.

Ashley reached for some sugar for her coffee only to find the sugar dispenser was empty.

“Hey, I’m calling you. Are you deaf?” yelled the woman even louder.

Ashley’s ears rung painfully from the woman’s shouts. Then, noticing that the dispensers along the counter were full, she stood up and headed for one of them just as the huge woman stood up as well to reach over the counter for the coffeepot where Ashley stood. Suddenly, she was roughly shoved aside.

“Excuse you,” said the woman in an impatient, irritated tone of voice.

Ashley stared at her a moment with both shock and disgust. Then, without warning yet with lightning speed, she shot out a clenched fist and boxed the woman square in the temple.

The large woman staggered a few steps and then went down with a mighty thud.

“No,” Ashley said. “Excuse you.”

Katelyn stood up, amazed at what she’d just seen. “Come on, let’s go,” she said, ushering Ashley out of the store. “If she gets up too soon, you never know if she may pull a gun on you, so let’s go!”

They managed to get a few yards out the door when the thunderous wave of cussing and threats began, prompting them to move faster. The woman was so big that she couldn’t run very fast anyway and she was obviously still in pain, holding the side of her head as she continued to scream out a flurry of threats and profanity that hurt Ashley’s ears even with the fifty or so feet they now had between them.

The two didn’t stop to catch their breath until they entered the campus grounds.

Katelyn was the first to speak. “Ashley, I know that woman was a rude bitch, but why hit someone who isn’t trying to harm you?” She continued to breathe heavily, eyeing Ashley expectantly.

“You spend enough years down here at my height getting shoved around and you just might react that way, too.”

Katelyn seemed to weigh Ashley’s words in her mind. Then she said, “Yeah, well, I guess I can’t say I wouldn’t want to pop someone in the head myself if they gave me such a rude push like that.”


Chapter 6

They continued to head back toward the house. Because their house was on the corner by the street, they could see the detectives out front talking with Rose long before they approached the house. As they got closer, they could see from the expression on Rose’s face that the detectives hadn’t come with good news.

Ashley and Katelyn looked at each other.

“What do you suppose is going on?” Ashley asked Katelyn.

“Don’t have a clue. Perhaps it’s just a routine follow-up.”

It was the same two detectives who had questioned them after the girl was murdered in the first row of houses. One was a young chubby blond woman with her hair pulled back so tightly in a bun that it looked almost painful. Her icy gray eyes were very serious looking. The other was a tall, lanky sandy-haired man in his forties with dark, sad looking eyes.

“Good morning, ladies,” said the man.

“Hello,” said Katelyn. “What’s up?”

The detectives studied Ashley and Katelyn.

“I’m afraid there’s been another murder, this time in row D,” the woman said, watching their reaction.

“Oh, no,” Ashley moaned. This really escalated her concerns with campus safety. She felt herself tremble.

“That’s horrible,” said Katelyn. “Who…”

“I had to tell them,” Rose interrupted, sounding a bit uncertain.

“Tell them what?” asked Katelyn.

“About Dalene.”

“Dalene?” Katelyn asked with a confused frown.

The man spoke again. “The name of the woman who was killed is Beth Ashton.”

“My God!” Ashley and Katelyn said at once.

“It apparently happened late last night,” the detective continued.

“What about the others in the house?” asked Katelyn.

“She was alone, I’m afraid. Only three people resided in that particular house.” The detective glanced at his notes. “A Miss Julia Drake and a Gertrude Doll.” He looked back up at Ashley and Katelyn. “Miss Drake was at her boyfriend’s all night and Miss Doll was called home on account of a family emergency. Their alibis checked out.”

Ashley and Katelyn thoughtfully absorbed the detective’s words.

The lady detective spoke up again. “We spoke to Miss Nicolette Carey on her way out, but Miss Andreas here tells us that a Miss Dalene Wilson, who also resides with you, was rather angry at this individual. Is this true?”

“Yes,” said Katelyn, “she was definitely angry at Beth. Same with Julia. They took some rather steamy pictures of her with some guy, according to what she told us.”

“And where is Miss Wilson now? Do either of you know?”

Ashley shook her head.

“No, I’m afraid not. She’s hardly ever here,” Katelyn told them.

“You three were home last night?” the detective asked.

Ashley and Katelyn nodded as did Rose which surprised Ashley a bit, though she really didn’t think much of it at the time. It’s just that she could’ve sworn her door was open and her room was dark just like Dalene’s was when she left Katelyn’s room to return to hers. The girls always closed their doors when they were in their rooms.

“Okay,” said the man, “before we go, remember to keep the doors locked at all times and not to open them if someone comes knocking without verifying who the person is first. If you have any concerns or suspicions, don’t hesitate to dial 911. Keep in mind too, that there is always safety in numbers, so stick together and consider staying in after dark.”

“Okay,” said the girls.

“We’d also like it if someone would have Miss Wilson call the number on this card as soon as she gets in.”

Rose took the card.

The woman spoke again. “It might also be best if you didn’t mention to Miss Wilson that you told us about the threats you said she made. You just never know,” she added with an unfortunate look on her face.

The girls agreed, looking glum, and the detectives took off for the house next door to continue with their questioning of students. They looked at each other, unsure of what to make of the situation.

Finally, Ashley spoke up. “My aunt’s going to be so worried when she hears about this one.”

“I can just imagine what my folks will be like, too,” said Katelyn.

Rose remained silent.


It wasn’t until after dinner that both Dalene and Nicolette finally entered the house. Ashley, Katelyn and Rose had been watching a movie with Rose in the easy chair and Ashley nestled up comfortably against Katelyn on the couch.

“Have you two become an item?” Rose asked with a smile.

Ashley and Katelyn chuckled.

“You could say that,” Katelyn told her.

Rose didn’t seem the least bit put off by the idea of Ashley and Katelyn being a couple, though the two wouldn’t have cared if she had.

Nicolette acted as if she didn’t notice their closeness, but Dalene occasionally eyed them a bit strangely as Rose informed them of what happened. She didn’t seem the least bit surprised or upset by the news, as Rose handed her the detective’s card so she could call him.

“But I don’t have any information to give them. This is the first I’ve heard of it. I’ve been with
Johnny all day.”

“Better call them anyway,” Katelyn said, “It may make you look suspicious if you don’t.”

With the movie just about over, Ashley, Katelyn, Rose and Nicolette retreated to their rooms and let Dalene have the living room to herself to make the round of nightly calls she usually made when she was at the house.

Ashley and Katelyn had phoned their families earlier. They were, as expected, quite upset over the news. Ashley’s aunt had even suggested she consider leaving, assuring her that she could pick up with her studies elsewhere. However, Ashley had insisted on staying put at least for now. If it wasn’t for Katelyn she might want to take her aunt’s advice. But she was fast falling for Katelyn and the thought of leaving her bummed her out. It would be bad enough as it was with her returning to Las Cruces once she graduated. Who knew what would happen then? Katelyn might very well forget about her, given the distance between Las Cruces and Belen, and decide to get on with her life, which would ultimately mean finding someone new. Until then, Ashley was determined to savor each and every moment she could have with her until their time together ran out.

A soft knock on her door jarred her from her thoughts. She glanced at her clock. It was almost 10:30. “Yes?” she called out.

It was Katelyn.

Ashley opened the door. Katelyn was already in her sleep shirt as was she.

“I was hoping you’d come,” Ashley said.

A slight suggestive smile formed on Katelyn’s lips. “Yeah?”

Ashley nodded. “Come on in.”

Katelyn stepped into the room and Ashley closed the door.

“Actually,” Katelyn began, hands clasped together in front of her, “I was wondering if you’d like to spend the night with me in my room.”

Ashley felt a smile began to form on her lips.

“I thought that with my room being a little more secluded and what with these killings going on that you might feel a bit more comfortable with me. I know I’d certainly feel better knowing you were close by.”

“I’d feel much more than just a bit comfortable with you,” Ashley told her. “Let me just grab my pillow and my purse.”


Ashley grabbed the pillow and purse and followed Katelyn to her room, closing her door behind her to make it at least appear like she was in her room in case anyone got the bright idea to go snooping around. She was especially wary of Dalene, considering that one of the girls she had threatened had just been killed.

Upon entering Katelyn’s room, Ashley was overcome by a wonderful flowery aroma. “Ahhh, smells good in here.”

“It’s jasmine incense. You like the smell of jasmine?”

“I do now.” Ashley eyed the smoking stick that sat in a holder on the desk. “It’s a rather romantic scent.”

“Yeah, I think so, too,” said Katelyn as Ashley tossed the pillow on the bed and placed her purse on the desk. Ashley then strode towards Katelyn and wrapped her arms around the girl’s slim waist, running the palms of her hands lovingly up and down her back.

“Ooh, what did I do to deserve this?” Katelyn asked.

Ashley giggled as Katelyn returned the embrace.

This time Ashley led Katelyn, first by pulling her lips towards hers for a sweet, passionate kiss, then by tugging her long T-shirt upwards.

Katelyn got the message and finished taking off the shirt on her own as Ashley slipped her own shirt up over her head. They tossed the shirts aside.

Ashley slipped her fingers under the elastic waistband of Katelyn’s panties and slid them down over her hips where Katelyn took over and slipped them down and off completely.

With Ashley’s panties now off as well, she sat down at the foot of the roomy twin-size bed and spread her legs, her sex invitingly wide open to Katelyn. When Katelyn dropped to her knees, Ashley took hold of one of her hands, inserted her long index and middle fingers into her pussy, then laid back and allowed her to take over from there.

Katelyn was delighted to do so too, admiring the wet, silky warmth of Ashley’s tight pussy as her fingers glided in and out of it. With her free hand, she roamed the creamy smoothness of Ashley’s inner thighs. She watched as her fingers slid in and out of Ashley. Their breathing became heavier, their need greater.

Katelyn slipped out of Ashley and stood up to her full height, licking her fingers of Ashley’s sweet nectar as she did so. “Scoot back,” she told her.

Ashley shimmied up so that her head was close to their pillows and spread her legs in eager anticipation of what was to come.

Katelyn positioned herself above Ashley and rubbed her pussy against hers. It felt like heaven as the two clung desperately to one another. In no time at all Ashley felt herself nearing the throes of ecstasy as Katelyn’s movements became quicker and more frantic. This time she was the one to throw a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out. Her body shuddered beneath Katelyn’s. Their bodies had become one, hearts beating as one. Katelyn trembled with sweet relief as a light film of sweat broke out upon her smooth, firm body.

They prepared to fall asleep that night on their sides with Ashley’s back pressed firmly against Katelyn’s stomach. Katelyn held her in a snug embrace, kissing her tenderly as well as playfully. To Ashley, Katelyn’s hold was tight and secure. It made her feel safe, wanted and happy as she drifted across the line between wakefulness and sleep.

And then it happened. She thought she was dreaming at first, but when she opened her eyes and gazed at the glowing red digital numbers of the clock, which said it was just past three, she knew she wasn’t dreaming.

The voices were real.

And they were definitely outside the window.

She strained to make out what was being said but wasn’t able to. There was another sound accompanied by the voices. It was a strange hissing sound of sorts.

Ashley turned towards Katelyn and nudged her urgently. “Katelyn!” she whispered loudly.

“Wh-yeah? What is it, babe?”

“Shhh, listen. Hear the voices outside?”

Katelyn listened as she rolled onto her back with a yawn and brushed her bangs back off her forehead.

All was silent.

“I don’t hear anything, hun,” said Katelyn after a minute, rubbing the palm of her hand over
Ashley’s back and shoulders in a soothing, circular motion. “You’re just a little jumpy because of what’s been going on, but you’re okay. I’ll take care of you.”

The voices began again. This time they came closer, growing louder with their approach.

“Oh, that’s just the security guard and the walkie-talkie they carry,” Katelyn said with assurance.

Ashley breathed a sigh of relief. “Now that it’s closer I can tell what it is. I’m sorry I panicked and got you up for nothing.”

“It’s okay, sweetie. You did the right thing.”

Katelyn gathered Ashley into her arms and the two once again drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


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