I am losing all sharpness
to win an argument
good riddance.

Children of my world
playing rape-rape game
shoot-shoot game
right in their schools
like hide and seek of the yore
innocuous, pure
the bigger kids must be 

heading somewhere
towards progress
with all of them.

I am listless
I re-read the lines
of the pied piper.


The poem is in response to children shooting each other, playing rape games in schools.
Reference: The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning

© supratik 2023
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Very apt and disturbing -bravo


Hi Supratik,
I have long since decided I no longer identify with the world I see around me. Yes, very much with nature, which is all part of the web of life….but humanity has lost the plot and is heading for a fall.

‘In the world but NOT of it! ‘
Alison x


If only they were just playing games. Like you, I am more than confused by the ‘modern’ world but I’m going to be seventy soon so I guess that gives me a reason.
This was well written, immediate, punchy and to the point and with the recent American school shooting in mind very sad.
I’m sure we weren’t that violent when I was the wee girl you see in the picture but then that was not long after ww2 so I suppose the ‘real thing’ was still fresh.
Very good read.
Do no harm.

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