Keep it up

Keep trying
in autumn or in spring
in times smooth and rough
the terrain might be tough
write your lines
and keep writing
in the open page of life
keep doing

keep failing, falling
in every season
in the leaves that unfold
in the obstacles
of stories unheard, untold
that appear as lessons
read them through and through
whether they’re false or true
keep reading

keep listening
the guide is sure to find
nesting in the mind
singing the tender tone
the bell so sound, so own
keep loving, keep looking, keep moving
keep going, keep growing, keep glowing

keep travelling
being in the journey
is the key
winning, losing we equally brave
we emerge not as a slave
but as a queen or a king
keep your chin up, your faith high
to reach the touching sky
keep smiling

© supratik 2023
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