I This just came into my mind after receiving a call from Michigan and their cold interlude.

Featherlight falling onto fertile fields

Snowflakes sink slowly from the sky

Some settle softly on the sunlit scenery

Delighting the dreaming drifter’s eye.

Others often only oddly oscillate

Blown briskly by a blustery breeze

To float onto frozen field and forest

Covering all in a cold chemise. 


E.W.Peters  28-01-2018.


© pommer 2023
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Great alliteration, really made me slow down in my reading and think about the meaning and the ‘ picture ‘ you were showing us. I love the last line, made me shiver imaging standing out there in just a chemise. Sue x.


Oddly oscillating snowflakes – you captured winter wonderfully well in Michigan. – slc (a Michigander)

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