He Inspired ( Mr Ikea RIP)

I like many dyslexics have used his energy to achieve.

He inspired ( Mr Ikea RIP)

Like so many, he embraced his dyslexia.

His brain like mine and many, thinking and working in 3d…

He was one of the first people to simplify buying. 

The product bore names and not numbers,

Billy and lakan to name a few.

Why, he couldn’t remember numbers!

But he sure could store concepts and images.

Pictures to help me and you!

Nothing stopped him.

He like many flourished in his own way.

He even simplified the company name,

IKEA Ingvar Klampard  of Elmtaryd , Agunnaryd .

How great it is to share common ground with one so bright.

He like many pushed to the back by the academic system.

But shined and embraced when it came to creativity.

Will we see his like again?

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