The Original Nine

A tribute to our nine planets in the solar system

Bearing the brunt of the ball of fire,
Speeding around it like a sapphire,
They call me Mercury for all I know,
Takes me just 88 days around the sun, to and fro.
Shining bright like a star,
Similar to your planet, not very far.
Though I rotate from East to West,
Venus I am, be my guest.
Life I have, full of water and air,
Supporting all of you, with love and care.
So many seasons on this Earth,
So many mysteries still to unearth.
Water I too have, though icy cold,
They call me Red and bold.
Dusty storms are common here,
On Mars, volcanoes erupt through the year.
Massive and giant in size,
Almost like a star in disguise.
Dozens of moons surround me in a splendor,
You know me by the name of Jupiter.
Icy rings surrounding me,
A sight to behold and see!
Full of wonders in turn,
Of course I am Saturn.
Methane makes me look green and blue,
Till 1781, no one had a clue.
William Herschel found me out,
Uranus they call me, have no doubt!
Vivid blue and bright,
They say I am a wonder sight.
Voyager 2 is finding more,
What makes Neptune’s solid core.
Am I a planet or am I not?
Scientists seem to be in a knot.
Dwarf I am as compared to others,
Pluto I am, no one bothers!
Since eternity we have existed,
In space and void, we moved on as fated.
We are the Original Nine,
In the dark hollow, we together shine.

© Abhishek 2023
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