Does Truth Ever Die

Intro: A thought followed by a question had been troubling the poet for quite sometime. Sets about to find the answer and comes across many substantiating facts that confirm his belief. No matter how falsehoods are spreading with ferocity, aided by money and muscle power, Ultimately, “Truth Alone Triumphs”! 


Does Truth Ever Die

Does truth ever die?
Or a lie can one buy?
Why does truth often get eclipsed,
While lies rule the roost, leaving us perplexed. 

With piles of books, sat down gleaning,   
When mind’s eye flickered, abruptly intervening.       
Just as rivers meander, 
Till they reach the sea in yonder.

Truth too flows its course, right out there,
Till it meets, the soul who cares.
It may get brushed under the carpet,     
As brazen lie struts about on the parapet.     
May lurk a while, in the dark,
To see it one really needs to hark. 
Sound of ones conscience at all times ticking, 
No borrowed brains and neither boot-licking. 

Nature shows us everyday,
In sunlight or in the moon’s ray. 
Sun camouflaged by night’s starry screen,         
Moon and stars by rising sun’s beam.     

Well-nigh they’re there, biding their time, 
As the other flourishes in it’s prime.       
Sunset dyeing twilight to pitchdark,   
Moon phasing out, dawning with a lark.

So too truth, throbs and beats, 
Waiting in the wings, for lies to retreat.   
Lie may hide it, rescind it or bury, 
But truth lies still, is in no hurry.

When a braveheart with soul integrity, 
Steps in to dig the truth for posterity.   
Lifts the veil to it’s blinding dazzle, 
That’s when skeevy lies get throttled. 

Truth premieres out wide in the open, 
For all mankind to see and reckon. 
“The truth still is the truth” Mahatma Gandhi said, 
Panning across India, these words he widely spread.

Triumphantly truth brings falsehood to its knees, 
Shakespeare staged it in his Merchant of Venice. 
“But at the length truth will out”, 
Says smart-aleck, Gobbo’s Launcelot.

At what cost can a mortal lie be bought,
Unless one’s conscience by Lucifer is sought.                     
Spry for ever after vanquishing the lies, 
Runs with torch aloft, as flames light up skies.

Truth shows endurance in face of speedy lies,   
Lies in disguise, can’t escape from discerning eyes;            
As Satyameva Jayate rightfully inscribes,   
Truth never lies, so truth never dies! 
Note:  Satyameva Jayate is the National Motto of India, meaning Truth Alone Triumphs.                    

© Gomathi 2023
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