A Prayer Left Unsaid

Intro: A deep felt desire for the young ones to grow at a pace we all grew in, enjoying other things along the way and thinking, observing, learning, un-learning, doing by themselves, with their own refreshing ways and means, originality intact. Wish we adults tampered less with their growth. A prayer on behalf of all the young ones! 


A Prayer Left Unsaid


Mamma don’t be strict,

And please never hit. 

Not only am I pained,

But also feel ashamed.

Am sure you too feel bad,

For treating so your lad.

Pappa don’t be so hard,

On yourself and your ward.

Life is not a game of ping pong,

A mere line between right and wrong.

So many shades I need to explore,

Only then will I learn and grow.

Teachers please step down from your stand,

I can never really understand.

You want me to see what all you see,

Which I really cannot percieve.

It’s either an ant’s or a bird’s eye view,

Chances of my perspective, you manage to blew.

Wish you saw what all I get to see,

Maybe then you would respect my little brains and me.

Beg you all to let me grow,

At my own pace, a wee bit slow.

For if you hurry me up and pummel,

Maybe I might go back into my shell.

Me too once did break open a cocoon,

To pave way for butterfly to hasten out soon.

But alas, the caterpillar lay limp and still,

Without the struggle, wings knew not its skill.

Best advice I would like to give,
Let me just be and live!

To both you and me a trusted team,

But my tiny age comes in between.

At least that’s what I deduce,

From your ego that refuses to reduce.

Wish I could give you the ability,

To see you through my eyes, with agility.

Am sure it would make you realise,

The damage, unknowingly you devise.

You and me, in the process getting hurt.

All that pent up in, afraid I might blurt.

Seeing it not conducive to have my say,

Lock it up inside for another day.

Each day, as I wait for it to dawn,

My courage escapes with my prayer in a yawn.

© Gomathi 2023
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