Witches Seed

An erotic novella exploring the meaning of life.


Witches Seed

(Part I)


Chapter 1-The Beginning

I don’t believe in ghouls and ghosts, spirits, Gods or even witches. I did at one point in my life follow a Catholic faith, foisted upon me by my parents who themselves were split, one being a Catholic and the other a Protestant. I served as an alter boy and sang in the choir until I discovered the hypocrisy of faith and religion and had the strength to rage against them and formulate my own construct of life without formal plastic belief. Even coming from Glasgow where football is religion and religion is football I was never convinced. Faith was not compelling to me for I had decided at a young and naïve age to make my own mind up and follow my own intuition.

So my fate as it stands has come as somewhat of a shock as I am now a captive of sorts, entrapped on the very horns of a dilemma with no hope of escape, something I must serve or face damnation and all its terrors. This is the twenty-first century and I am trapped in a legend; a fiction that would fly from the shelves of any worthy bookshop.

Until this moment damnation never fazed me. Death held no fears. For without faith there is only death and if there is no hell death can have only one dimension, free from the threat of the purgatory of hades. No fires of damnation, no eternal suffering. But now I suffer a fate, that although far from torturous, I could never have dreamt up.

I have been convinced despite my scepticism that should I attempt to escape this fate, or transgress the demands made of me I, and the woman I love, will be suspended in timeless suffering. This I have no doubt about as a demonstration was given to me to buy my allegiance.

Until now I have always been a strong person who speaks his mind and has never shied from the truth as I see it.  Often in my life I have fired the bullets others dared not discharge. It has brought me into conflict in many pasts and now has me trapped, a slave, a servant of those who call themselves higher beings and with no hope of release until death.

How I came to be in this situation is something even I do not understand. I am far from sin free and my life is blotched with imperfection. But even that did not prepare me for the fate I now face.

I am four times divorced and have three children now grown and left home. I live alone in a village in the Midlands where I have lived since 1988 and where my youngest children were born.  My house is bought and paid for and I have no debt, which is surprising since I have had to fork out for several ex wives and partners over the last decade.

Still I was self sufficient and had a decent job with a good income. I was a bit at sea and was casting round for something to fill the gap in my relationships. I have always had someone in my life; another woman, my mother then a succession of wives and lovers.

The village I live in is unremarkable other than to have sprawled over the decades into an ‘almost’ town. It is famous for making its own pate and for its church but otherwise it boasts, like the county itself, nothing of true significance.

 Nothing happens here. News is sparse and confined to births, deaths and planning applications. It is a safe place with almost zero crime and nowadays little anti social behaviour.

The village is divided between the old and traditional homes of the wealthy, the new David Wilson estate for those aspiring to wealth, the lesser new build estates and the middle part of the village left in no mans land since the eighties.  I live securely in the latter forgotten and boring utilitarian boxes of homes built around 1983. I have improved my home beyond recognition and it is my castle. Or it was until recently.

I have no superstitions and have lived alone much of the past two decades. I walk round my home in the dark fearing no ghost or devil or evil spirits and after what I have experienced have at times challenged the devil to come and mess with me, This strength has helped me to endure the disappointments and disasters that have been my relationships.

I have read much but still did not believe in the legends and stories of our times and times gone past. I have read of evil and monsters and witches in covens. But till I met Annilee, Heather, Karina and Malinda I did not believe.









Chapter II- The meeting

Covens have traditionally been seen as gatherings in the woods and dancing around fires with glowing faces and bare breasts, chanting and casting spells. Nothing could be further from the truth. Witches do not like the exposure in every sense, although Heather was a naturist by design. They fear ridicule and persecution after centuries of being pursued and tortured and burned alive. They keep themselves to themselves and merge with their communities as stealthily as they may.

In my experience too well hidden for I never saw what was to come and now I am still held in disbelief; a state of perpetual shock as if in a waking nightmare.

Everything happened so suddenly. One moment I was me leading my normal, boring life; a life that had been particularly boring and empty since ending a two year long relationship. I was treading water and feeling a little lost. We had met on an internet dating site and within days of meeting she had me all planned; the £5,000 engagement ring, the wedding, the move to Cornwall, the life that she aspired to with her beloved dog. But I, as always, had got sucked in and although I struggled with her selfishness and disregard for me the person with my likes, dislikes and hopes and dreams, I saw the good in her and stuck it out. Throughout the twenty-three months I was torn between throwing myself into the relationship and pulling the plug. This deep dilemma had me racked in a subconscious battle between my heart and my head. In the end it was a concrete post that won after I ran my car into it after trying to get her to explain why she had told me she would move in with me and sell her house, on which she held a huge mortgage with no endowment, then proceeded to get a job 50 miles from my home and told me I was a fool as we both worked in Oxford and should live there. Wrecking my beloved car told me something was seriously amiss and although I stayed another week it was literally the death throws.

I left feeling a mixture of relief and loss. When the events I am about to describe happened I was still drifting; at times missing her terribly and at others so glad to be free and not to have to absorb all of her problems and the feeling of not knowing if I should trust her with my future. I buried myself in work, my writing, my writers group and scotch. Copious amounts of the stuff washed down with a chaser of Stella Artois. It was like I was in space doing a space walk but with no control of my movements.

The creative writing group I ran had begun to stagnate. Not that it had ever really taken off as although we had a good on-line membership only a stalwart few actually met up in the local pub in person. Suddenly there was an influx of new members and attendance at the meetings swelled to three times that we had experienced for most of the preceding two years.

I had even contemplated packing it all in; but with the new intake it became worth the effort once more so I began setting up regular monthly meets.

It was from one of these meets that I never returned. Leastwise not as the man I had been. In total seven turned up, myself and the other two stalwart members, Neville and John. The other four were all new. Two of the new group on that fateful Friday evening were guys. One a writer who had already published a trilogy and the other had never written a shopping list let alone a story. The other two were women. The first was a slim, retiring waif of a woman who struggled at first to maintain eye contact. She peered out from behind a fringe of short raven black hair. She was demure and her voice was soft and unassuming. Despite her appearance she confessed to having had a number of short stories and poems published; even more surprising the fact that they were all from the erotic genre. She lived in a nearby village. The second was a tall and elegant woman, well dressed with poise, sophistication and obvious breeding. She dressed well in tasteful and expensive clothing. Her hair was rare in that it was titian, long and elegant and she was definitely artistic. She told us that she had written several short stories and indeed had had one published in a woman’s magazine. She wore no wedding ring and from things said and not said I worked out that she lived alone in the older part of the village among the stone cottages with her cat.

As always we laughed and laughed. We were an informal group and I tended to steer them away from becoming too intellectual in the pursuit of the art of writing. It was also a way to ensure we did not intimidate the new or the less well developed amongst us.

These evenings are so rare and fun they always seem to be over before they have begun. Soon the bar staff were giving us subtle hints that we were the only group remaining. They removed every glass they could from our tables and started stacking stools. We reluctantly took the hint, especially as the landlord allowed us to commandeer the snug without the sound speakers on, meaning those dining in the restaurant were also deprived of any background mood music.

I walked to these meetings so that a) I felt myself doing my bit for the environment, b) I had a least some small exercise, and c) I could enjoy a pint or two of good ale. The evening had been a little merrier than usual with the newcomers all insisting on buying a round each, even the ladies. We walked slowly from the pub still exchanging tales and banter as though we parted reluctantly. Most were driving; even my good friend Neville lived in another village a short distance away.

I was the only attendee living in the village, before I knew it all the others had disappeared towards the car park, reached their cars and had gone off into the September night. I stood in the forecourt with the elegant local woman. Annilee had introduced herself as a childless divorcee who lived alone. She ran her own consultancy business from home and often had to go abroad at short notice. She smiled at me and told me she has so enjoyed the evening. And would I like to join her for a nightcap.

Chapter III- The Gateway

I was gobsmacked. Flattered and excited all at once; such an elegant and attractive single woman asking me to go for a nightcap. A metaphor if ever I had wanted one to be. It was 23:40 and by the time we reached her place a few minutes walk away and had a drink it would be past the witching hour. Rather usual to ask a virtual stranger back so late, a woman alone. I felt somewhat unprepared but never-the-less the sense of excitement and danger and intrigue was gripping.

After all the mistakes I had made getting involved with women either with no resources, or like the woman I had recently parted from, with debts.  I had promised to find myself someone with at least an equality of resources to allow us to lead a decent lifestyle at long last. After all I felt I deserved it after the years of doing things for others and depriving myself. Was this she? Had fate at last intervened?

It was a mild September evening despite the preceding few days being filled with stormy deluge. We walked and chatted easily. Without hesitation she linked her arm through mine resting her elegant hand and forearm intimately along my arm. There was no seam, no stitching. It was as if we had been together many times. I had never felt so relaxed. Somehow the fluttering and excitement had melted away. I didn’t give it much thought I just assumed that her easiness and charm had placed us both at peace with the fate that we were walking towards.

We strolled into the heart of the old village past houses I had often wished to have owned in this peaceful backwater of cottages. I hardly noticed them as the soft flow of her laughter and wit caressed my senses. I was relaxed in her company. None of the usual adrenaline pumping in anticipation: I gave it little thought I was simply flowing softly into the moment.

We swapped snippets of ourselves and she told me she was glad I was single. She said she had been married centuries ago so I took it that she had married young, divorced and never married again. She told me she had never wanted children but she would like to give birth for the feeling of fulfilment. She expanded upon her job and told me she was a consultant for a publishing house and an advisor on ecclesiastical works. She was a scholar of Italian and loved her time spent in Italy.

Annilee stopped, withdrew her arm from mine and in a deft move opened her handbag and removed a key. I noticed it was unusual. It was largish, looked brass and was obviously antique. We were standing by a large double ornate iron gate set in a wall that ran half the length of the street we had turned into. An entry phone was set into the stonework adjacent to the gate. She slipped the key into the lock in a fluid twist, pushed slightly and the gate swung silently open. I had many a time looked through that gate on passing and what could be seen of the large three story house beyond and wondered who lived in it. It seemed somewhat surreal to be now walking through the gate with the lady of the house. Floodlights burst into life drenching the drive and pathway in a warm orange glow. Annilee closed the gate laughing at some quip I had made. She placed the key back into the handbag, shouldered it and casually took my hand and skipped down the path towards the house with our fingers entwined as she teased me with a slow and sensual chant.

‘Come into my web,’ she purred.
























Chapter IV- Nightcap

The intonation in Annilee’s voice was hypnotic, entrancing. I felt light headed and could not figure if it was the alcohol or the adrenaline rush returning after the calm. She guided me towards the front door. For the first time I became aware of her perfume. It was ‘Opium’. I could not believe the coincidence. ‘Opium’ is one of two perfumes which over the years have guaranteed to send me into raptures. Make me follow random women from lifts. The other is a spicy fragrance akin to ‘Opium’ called ‘Cinnabar’. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I love strong flavours and these pungent and spicy fragrant liquids are both strong and unmistakable perfumes that make bold statements. Annilee though did not need a bold statement.

The path was granite gravel chips and as Annilee drew me towards the imposing half shadow of a house they crunched beneath our feet. The building was imposing, a typical Georgian house of the eighteenth century, elegant and formal in style. During the Georgian times, the county need to raise revenue to fight its wars and so taxed the rich. The number of windows was seen to depict wealth so some people bricked up windows to avoid having to pay the tax. This house had an abundance of sash windows set at regular intervals. I wondered who had owned it. I felt enthralled. Here I was being led, literally down the garden path, by a beautiful woman who lived in a stunning house and who seemed to have intentions.   

The house was lovely. The high portico was flanked by two large pillars and in front of us were two heavy oak doors.  Annilee produced another key, different from the first in that it looked silver but just as ornate. She slid it silently into the lock and turned. The weighty door opened with ease. She flicked a switch and revealed a grand entrance hall with high ceilings and a crystal chandelier and a magnificent sweeping double staircase that rose majestically to a gallery above. Paintings lined the walls and the smell of leather and polish was evident. Annilee stood and watched me take it all in. My house was a nineteen eighties four bedroom, utilitarian box. It was built in the years before Prince Charles’ tirade at the lack of architectural features of modern houses began having an effect. I had improved it somewhat and when I had the windows double glazed put a bow window in the front and replaced the front door with a more ornate one to give it more feature. I was the first on the estate to do this. When I turned my head Annilee was standing a few steps away looking at me and smiling broadly, a radiant and captivating sight.

“You’ll like it?” she said softly’

She took my hand gently and drew me towards a door adjacent to the foot of the right hand staircase.

‘I would show you round but it would take all night and I don’t intend to waste any time, not tonight,’ she finished before leading me through the door into an ornate drawing room.

The room was in darkness but the glow from the fire set in a white marble fireplace gave it an amber wash. I wondered if she had servants. Annilee skipped around the room lighting candles, some set in high stands, some in racks. The candle light was soft but deliriously hypnotic, mingled with the flicker of the fire in the marble hearth. It was a large room with the high walls edged in sculpted plaster cornices. Three plaster roses strode across the length of the ceiling with smaller crystal chandeliers hanging from their centres. The walls were half panelled in dark oak and round the pale blue painted upper halves hung more expensive looking paintings. The furniture was luxurious, expensive and much of it looked designer. Annilee was standing on the thick Persian rug that covered the centre of the room and extended in-front of the fire place, she held out her hands to beckon me to join her and the smile on her face was soft and the look in her eyes demurely inviting.

‘Make yourself at home while I open a bottle of wine,’ she said indicating a large settee set just to one side facing the wall fire. She turned and waltzed from the room. I looked around amazed at the luxury, the beauty. It was starting to dawn upon me that I might be simply asleep and this was a dream. It was all too fantastical to be anything but a fantasy. I set myself down in the plush long sofa. It was firm, warm and so comfortable. My mind meandered back though the events of the night. Meeting the new writer’s group members; the reading of the three selected pieces, the laughs, oh the laughs. We always laughed. I never wanted the group to end up being a snobby, academic literary group so I tend to ‘act out’ with the help of my friend and colleague Neville. I reflected upon the ending of the evening, the goodbyes, the turn for the walk home and then Annilee.

My reflections were brought to an abrupt halt as the door opened and Annilee glided effortlessly into the room in a long flowing nightgown with two champagne flutes gripped by the stems in her trailing left hand and an ice bucket with a bottle of Bollinger embedded in it, tucked in the crook of her right arm. Her hair was now down and she looked so sublime in the fire’s glow. Her skin was soft, her lips full and she smiled a wicked smile and had mischief in her eyes as she set the bucket and the glasses on the table in front of me and swiftly turned, threw her legs over my thighs and sat astride me with her arms draped behind my head. Her full and firm breasts presented little mystery in her silk negligee and already I could scent her.

‘Champagne?’ she asked.






Chapter V- Foreplay

The boldness of Annilee’s sudden move threw me completely but the sensuality had my pulse racing and blood pounding round my body, coursing through my veins and readying me for flight or fight. My instinct kept me from flight and Annilee astride me helped. Not that I had felt like running since she had invited me for the nightcap. It was all quite unexpected and it had me feeling curious, puzzled, intrigued. Now I was simply hard and straining at the leash.

It felt like a dream too good to be awake in. Her smells were so intoxication, invigorating. Her deep brown eyes were pools of warm chocolate into which I wished to fall. Her mouth was so full and luscious. I slid my hands up her flanks, feeling her fine lines through the silk. The swell of her breasts was electric but I stopped myself from cupping those gorgeous orbs to keep the exploration long, and instead, reached up and gently took her head between my hands and pulled her face to mine brushing her neck and cheeks with my lips then letting our mouths find themselves like rabid dogs released. Our kisses were open and bold with no qualms, our lips seemed alive and we urged our bodies with the knowing of lust mutually and succulently freed. Deep, drunkenly deep kisses merged our mouths as our tongues explored with no remorse. We kissed like old lovers. It was as if we knew one another’s mood and feelings and desires. It felt without strain or tension; we simply flowed into one another’s universe like destiny has summoned us.

Just as suddenly Annilee dismounted with a sensual flounce.  She was barefoot on the carpet and threw her head back, gave me a mischievous glance and with a pout took a swig from the bottle. She quickly pounced on my lap again and pressed her mouth to mine gently forcing my lips apart with her tongue as she began to drizzle the cold, crisp liquid into my mouth.  I swallowed the sensuality imbibed juice knowing it had been mixed with her saliva, she plunged her tongue into my mouth to lick the remaining champagne from me. I took her roughly and pulled her firmly to one side. My passion had simply exploded. I needed, wanted to explore every bit of her. Gone was the need to stand on the etiquette of newness, I positioned her on her back across the generous settee and starting with her face I whispered delicate butterfly kisses across her cheeks and mouth, stopping to insert my tongue in each ear in firm wet enunciation of simulated penetration. I kissed her lips briefly and continued my intense quest kissing her neck and nibbling at the soft giving flesh with my teeth. She had her hands firmly in my hair and was moving seductively in a sway of head and torso that begged for me to honour the unspoken pledge we had now made. She half sat up in enjoyment of this play and slipped her hands under my ‘T’ shirt allowing them to roam over my torso and round and up my back. The feeling of her nails across my flesh was simply erotic. It fired me even more. I placed my arms behind her and nuzzled into the delicious swell of her cleavage, reaching up to sweep each strap of her slip from her soft shoulders and allowing her perfect breasts to present themselves to my hungry gaze. These well rounded organs were magnificently formed, beautifully firm and almost perfectly symmetrical. Her nipples were just as perfect, regular bayonets of yearning, commanding my mouth. I kissed my way gently round her ampleness before taking each nipple in turn in my mouth and teasing with my lips before chewing each one with a gentle but telling bite. She thrilled at the mild pain I inflicted and pulled my hair harder. Her hands snaked out and she deftly undid my belt, flicked open my jeans and unzipped my flies before thrusting her hands down my briefs and clutching my erect cock before liberating it to her control. That feeling of her hands closing round my shaft as she began to twist up and down and masturbate me like she wanted to own my ejaculation had my nerve endings raw. She pushed me back, withdrew her legs from beneath us and pulled herself up so she could stoop down and in one delicious motion she had me deep in her mouth. I was helpless with pleasure as she first sucked me with her moist mouth then licked around my glans till my body squirmed to escape the inevitable. I had to steel myself to prevent erupting and could do nothing but moan in pleasure. I was so turned on but determined to enjoy each pleasure with this beauty. I turned the tables and once more took charge of her. I laid her on her back again and pushed her silk slip up above her bikini line and opening her legs. I drew her red lace panties to one side with my hand and bent my head flicking my tongue gently up her inner thighs and then up the side of her outer folds just letting the tip skim her swollen labia. I moved till my elbows rested on the settee and my hands were free to take control. Gently I parted her soft and generous swollen labia, inserting my thumbs a slight way towards the gates of heaven as I revealed her clitoris to my raging tongue. I flicked in long, slow motions across her now engorged button, she moaned and arched her back which urged me on to pleasure her all the more. I inserted my tongue little by little just inside her before slipping it in as far as I may and licking out as much of her juices as I could. The taste and smell was so stimulating. She was pulling urgently and insistently at my head, drawing me up equal with her and I was not in the mood to resist as she took my hardness in both hands and pulled me towards her wanting. I drew my hips back slightly so that I could insert myself just a few centimetres inside her and slide in and out of her just at the entrance to stimulate and tease her desire even more. I let her just swallow my tip for several thrusts, she was arching her back trying to grasp back control and force herself onto me when I plunged my full length deep into the sanctity of her sweet pussy.







Chapter VI- Love Interrupted

This was too much to comprehend. Here I was astride a beautiful, wealthy woman who was incredibly sexy and who had invited me for a nightcap before boldly and explicitly starting a sexual encounter. It was thrilling to think she was a stranger a few hours ago. Ok I had noticed her but apart from seeing her attractive, and because she was taller than I, I never contemplated us ever being anything other than writers sharing our work. Now Heather on the other hand, apart from being slightly too demure and reserved, was attractive enough and the fact she wrote erotica was a bit of an enigma. One that indicated she perhaps hid her light and maybe more from normal gaze. Worthy of exploration I had thought, but I would not be bold enough to make any sort of move. It was strange as I had seen Annilee as an intelligent woman with breading, far removed from my league. Of course you read about such women seeking out a ‘bit of rough’ but I hardly fitted this bill and the thought of her laying on a beautiful designer settee in front of a roaring fire with her legs drawn up and splayed so I could penetrate her as deeply as I may didn’t seem possible even now as I slowly and methodically pushed deep then withdrew almost completely so she would feel all of my shaft with each thrust. I had slowed myself to a gentle but deep and full invasion of her swollen, wet cunt. I needed to slow to stop from cumming all too soon. I wanted it to last, to go on and on. She felt succulent. Her periodic thrust of hips as I entered her drove me on in the knowledge she wanted me to fuck her. She moaned and squirmed, arching her back into the cushions above her head as she opened her whole body to my delights. This was so right, so unbelievably right. We seemed as though our bodies knew each other intimately. Neither of us had to ask or suggest or take control. We worked one another like we were experienced in one another’s ways.

As I said earlier I have no fear of the devil, for I do not believe in God so if no God no devil. I have no superstitions; don’t believe in fairies and definitely not in witches. I, like most people, find supernatural tales and stories such as ‘Harry Potter’ intriguing.  But they are mere fictions. As a teenager I loved Edgar Allan Poe’s bizarre writings and I once read a whole series of horror stories in a set of books I methodically pilfered one by one from shops and stalls in Blackpool when on holiday with my parents. Other than this I have no interest in such tales and detest the sudden burgeoning of the vampire genre.

But here I was in this lovely house in the older part of the village banging the willing arse of a beautiful woman. Annilee began to get quite frantic. She grabbed both of my buttocks and kept pulling me firmly towards her as if to increase the power of each drive into her wetness. I sensed she wanted me, all of me so I slowly increased my pace, kissing frantically at her neck and face and breasts and nibbling her nipples and skin with increasing ferocity. I knew I was close, could feel the sudden build up, the precursor of ejaculation that made me suddenly lose control of the pace and furiously thrust into Annilee with all the power I could muster in my hips. I could feel myself start to slip, Annilee was also frantic, moaning heavily and pulling me as if she wanted all of me to disappear inside her. It was fiercely erotic. She demanded me, commanded me with her body and I was determined to erupt in her hotly.

A deep gong erupted in our ears, startling me and causing Annilee to panic and squirm from under me. I was shocked; interrupted just before the final, crucial moment of release. My ardour flattened I was trying to make sense of it. Suddenly I felt panic rise. Did disaster loom large here?

‘Your husband?’ I gasped

‘No don’t be silly,’ she hissed, ‘I don’t have a husband.’

Throwing her hair back behind her head, she slipped the straps of her silk nightgown back over her shoulders spun round and headed for the door. I grabbed my pants and jeans and quickly pulled them on, trying to gain my composure. 

Annilee was already through the door and in the hallway. I heard the sound of hushed tones, a filigree laugh, another voice, but to my relief it was female. I looked at my watch which I had scooped from the side table after deftly removing it mid passion to prevent catching Annilee’s skin. It was one thirty in the morning. Who calls at such an ungodly hour I thought?

I straightened my clothing and positioned myself at one end of the settee in a relaxed, casual pose.

Warm laughs spilled in from the hallway as the door swung open and Annilee ushered her visitor into the room. She was wearing a long, dark, hooded cape. In the subdued light of the fire glow and candles I could make out the form of a slightly built woman.

‘I think you two have met,’ Annilee announced as the mystery figure put both hands up and pulled back the hood in a smooth and swift action.

‘Heather!’ I gasped.









Chapter VII- Second Wind

The two women burst into fits of laughter at my surprise. I was wide awake again despite the lateness, the alcohol consumed, which was rapidly wearing off, and the interrupted activity. My head was in a spin; questions’ cascading in flurries in my thoughts as I tried to understand what was going on. Annilee must have noted my surprise as she turned and casually said that she and Heather were close friends and she had asked her to join us but that Heather had had to go and deal with some issues at home first. I wondered what would have happened if Heather had arrived earlier. I still had questions bursting around in my head like fireworks. I felt confused. I was wondering why Heather was there so late, what was going to happen now. Obviously things would have to settle into a normal social pattern. Why had Annilee come on to me knowing Heather might arrive at any minute? But in my head I didn’t really seek answers. I was too busy recounting the previous half hour and the wonderful, liberated sex Annilee and I had been having.

‘Ok more champagne I think,’ Annilee said almost playfully as she moved to the table where a third glass, which I had not noticed was set. As she poured the crisp, effervescent liquid and topped up our glasses Heather moved towards the now roaring fire. I had not seen Annilee place any additional logs on the fire but it now filled the grate and the flickered glow was all the more enhanced as Heather moved in front of it.

I was still mulling things over in my mind and staring at the two women when Heather stepped directly in front of the fire with her back to me and dropped the hooded cape to the floor. There she stood totally naked. Her slight figure was perfect in the glare of the flames even in silhouette, with pale skin and such soft and sensuous lines.

I gasped for breath and looked to Annilee in confusion but she was not looking at me. She was concentrating on Heather and moved behind her, pushing her body close against the naked form and placing her arms around Heather and fondling her body in long erotic strokes. I felt a sense of panic tinged with absolute lust. Annilee turned Heather towards her and stooping her head slightly kissed her full and deep on the lips whilst fondling both of Heather’s breasts. I was transfixed, I could not move. I didn’t know what to think let alone do. Annilee stooped further and kissed each of Heather’s nipples in turn. Heather had her arms behind her head in surrender as she squirmed and moaned in pleasure. Annilee raised her hands to her shoulders and pushed the straps of her slip off, allowing the garment to fall to the rug before stepping over it. She gathered Heather in an embrace and gently guided them both onto the deep rug. Heather was in total surrender. I was so turned on by this erotic tableau but stuck to the settee as I took in the very beauty of what was unfolding. I have never watched two women perform in my life before. I had read of it and heard of it but never actually witnessed it. It was so deeply and blindingly erotic. Two beautiful women their bodies liberated, their breasts touching, hands and mouths exploring. Heather laid back on the rug with her knees up and Annilee fell hungrily between her legs her mouth working in long languid strokes of her tongue as Heather heaved and sighed in reaction.

I had never witnessed anything like this in my life. I was paralysed for fear of doing the wrong thing but I was so turned on it was unbelievable. I watched the two adorable women in the light of the fire and the flicker of the candles and sipped at my champagne. It was crisp and dry on my tongue and I wanted to taste Annilee again but I was also drawn to Heather. I was bursting inside as Annilee changed places with Heather and laid herself back, opening her leg and parting her labia with both hands to allow Heather to access her clitoris without hindrance. Heather lay her forearms on the rug and her breasts hanging free and her petite rounded bottom in the air. Annilee moaned a little then she beckoned to me. As she did Heather slowly worked her way up across her thighs, over her stomach and then back down again with her hungry mouth.

‘Come John,’ Annilee summoned.

‘Now please,’ her whispered command.

Heather was still kneeling as she bent to use her mouth on Annilee.

I stood up and undid my previously hastily bucked belt, I slid my ‘T’ shirt over my head, pulled off my jeans and pants at the same time and moved towards the girls; my hard cock at breaking point. Heather just kept on at Annilee and did not move. I was not sure what my role was until Annilee reached round as I approached Heather from behind took my cock and guided me into the warm wet deepness of Heather. Heather lifted her head slightly as I entered her, giving out a soft gasp of delight as I plunged full length into her and reached round and held each of her sweet breasts in my firm grasp.










Chapter VIII- The Dream

I awoke with that awful feeling you get when your dreams have been disturbed; as though you have just escaped from a terrible disaster. It was light already but the harshness was filtered by the partially closed heavy brocade curtains. Through my half shut mind I was working out that it must be around eight AM. I wanted to open my eyes but couldn’t as I was still in that space between wakefulness and slipping back into the sanctuary of sleep. I was reliving the dream I could faintly feel I must have had. It was strange and ethereal. In it I was watching myself as if behind a window, silent and looking troubled. I was trying to get through the glass but could not find a way. I felt the sense of panic rise up but could do nothing to help myself, trapped on the other side. But it was only a dream and I have never been troubled by such dreams. I have long accepted dreaming as the brain simply downloading to some bodily hard drive to create space on the cognitive disc for the next day.

My body felt light and fresh, no boozy hangover in sight. As I gingerly explored my senses I realised I felt that feeling of lightness that I often got after taking a Piriton, a sedating antihistamine, for my cat fur and mild pollen allergies. It was a wonderful floating sense of wellbeing. As my body began to stir I realised that I had a mast-like erection which was not unusual for me when I awoke during the night or first thing in the morning. I started to enjoy it and was relaxed. I thought to stroke it with my right hand and suddenly I was alert and afraid and confused all at the same moment. I could not move. I was restrained. My arms above my head and my legs splayed and anchored. I was still in half-sleep confusion. I could not feel any bindings on my wrists or ankles but I simply could not move my legs and arms. I told myself I was still dreaming but I knew this to be false because I could hear my breathing and I could feel the duvet spread across my legs and lower body.

As my senses cleared, memories of the evening before started their fragmented return. Flashes of recall I had to check before accepting or rejecting them and moving on. I recalled our walk back to Annilee’s resplendent home, the gates, the drive, the entrance portico, the sweeping double stairway; the art deco furniture, the Persian rugs, the wonderful musty smell of museums, of old books. In my fog of fear and confusion I recalled the initial exchanges between Annilee and me. I suddenly recalled Annilee and Heather together and it felt like I had run head first into a brick wall. I stopped in a startled confusion. Had it been a reality or had I dreamt it all? Annilee kissing Heather, then the two women in acts of pure sexual lust till I was drawn in as an all too willing participant.

So why was I laid on the bed restrained? Had this all been a drunken dream? Did I go home after the meet up, open the bottle of scotch and just keep on drinking? If so that would be an explanation for the vivid thoughts I had recalled. But if so why could I not move my arms and legs. Was I still asleep?

I shook myself; suddenly I knew it not to be the case. A firm hand gripped my hardened cock. I instinctively tried to raise my head but could only move a couple of centimetres. I was straining to glimpse if it was Annilee or Heather but to my surprise a shock of blonde hair shielded the small cranium of a woman I had never seen before. Her fine locks trailed over my erection and tickled my balls as she bent and swallowed me in one flowing fluid gobble. Instinctively I threw my head back as she sucked me deep into her throat, using her tongue to stimulate me more. She worked on me for a few minutes using her mouth up and down my shaft and all over my balls. Helpless I tried to comprehend my situation. The blonde continued her oral orchestration for a few moments alternating between licking me in long tongue strokes and covering my glans in her mouth till she could tease me with her lips.

“Move over Malinda, share and share alike.” I heard the pleas of another strange foreign female voice. When I raised my head again it was a woman with the darkest jet black hair, she had the softest face with lips so luscious and tempting as she parted them to swallow my cock. She was voluptuous. She knew how to use her mouth to best effect. I was helpless. My mind was in a frenzy. Scared and confused, but this was pure ecstasy. Her mouth was moving on me in fluid motions swallowing and sucking in gulps of sensual prowess. I felt powerless, but so turned on. She took me deep into her throat and looked up into my confused face as she used her right hand to masturbate me at the same time.

“I am going to swallow all of you,” She declared.

That was enough. I could feel the control slipping, my ability to hold back sliding away wet and helpless as the convulsion began and my warm cum began to pump in spurts as she sucked greedily at me. The blonde suddenly interceded and grabbed me in both hands and swallowed me again, sucking every last drop of me till all I could do was lay helpless across the bed once more. My body was in surrender. My mind was frozen in time and place.

“Well done girls.”

I heard Annilee state in clear terms. “Now we have all shared. This pillar of Hercules will sustain us.”







Chapter IX- The hierodule (The Temple Maid)

The top sheet was gently pulled up across my legs and up to my chest by the dark haired voluptuous stranger. She smiled at me a warm deep eye sparkling look, then she turned and was gone. I sensed I was alone in the room. I could not move I simply lay in the afterglow of my confusion and satisfaction. My mind was a jumble of emotions. Last night was one thing but this dawn was so hard to understand. To awake to the experience, the intensity of the feelings, having these four women, such different people, taking my body under such circumstances, I was afraid but my senses were alive, every man’s dream coming true in reality. I realised that my body was released from the bonds I had felt restrained me, I did not even know if my perception of being pinioned was reality or fantasy. Nothing felt real. I turned onto my side and snuggled into the bed, I felt a great sleepiness overwhelm me.

I was in a fragile state, maybe drug induced, but I had never taken drugs so I couldn’t tell. My mind was numb but I was exploding with the experiences. I did not believe in conspiracy or witches or ghouls. But something had happened. I didn’t know what. Had I stumbled upon a sex thing in the middle of our boring village? Four women who prey on men; was I prey? Was I just a spectator? No I had just ejaculated in the mouth of a voluptuous beauty and had a second suck the very last drop of me till I was emptied. I recall reading years ago of a guy who was gang raped by a group of women. I was fascinated by this as I doubted it could happen to a man given there has to be an element of desire for a man to perform. I had always doubted this story and it hung in my memories like an old abandoned jacket on a coat hanger at the back of the wardrobe.

I lay calmly in the silk sheets and all my senses were aroused but I was melted to the bed. My head was far from calm though with jumbles of questions spinning round like clothes in a tumble drier. Suddenly the door opened, I was free to move and lifted my head to see the voluptuous, dark haired beauty enter and close the door softly behind her. She was wearing a black negligee and her fulsome swells were all too apparent; she crossed the room, engaging my eyes in that warm radiant smile as she gently lifted the sheet and climbed in behind me until her body was moulded to my back. She reached round and put her right hand firmly but gently on my sleeping cock. Her head with its full and thick black mane of silky hair nestled into my back.

Her words dripped in hushed, honeyed, gentle tones, her accent intoxicating.

‘I hope you are not too taken aback by events?’

She purred with such deep caring as she snuggled deeper into my naked body.

‘We wish you no harm. You have given life to all of us and we will take care of you. For now let’s sleep,’ She said with finality.

Her swollen womanhood, the softness of her hair and her warm breath on my back brought me back to male fullness again but I was so tired I felt myself slip into a wonderful warm sleep as she gently stroked my shaft.

My dream was haunted again with a vision of watching myself trapped on the other side of a huge glass partition. I was trying to get to myself but could not find a way. The me on the other side was speaking,  I could not hear what he was saying, all I knew was that he was trying desperately to get to me and I to him.

I awoke feeling refreshed. It was light in the room. The voluptuous one was still close against my back, her arm was still around me, her soft hand laying gently against my stomach. I could smell her hair. I turned as gently as I dare wondering if I would find myself unable to move again but I was free. She stirred but her eyes remained closed. She was beautiful. Her lips were the most delicious I had ever seen. Her ample right breast had slipped from her negligee and a bayonet nipple presented itself to my gaze. Once more I found myself engorged. I leaned into her and gently licked the free nipple before taking it in my mouth. Her eyes still closed, her left hand grasped me as she rolled onto her back opening her legs, there was no mistaking her intent and as I moved gently on top of her I could already smell her desire as she guided my swollen cock into her. She gasped and opened her eyes as she felt my tip slide in a few centimetres. I felt her hips push to engorge me and was compelled to thrust as deep as I could in response. She felt more desirable than any woman I had ever been with. Her eyes were a lovely mix of hazel and brown and looking into them and seeing her face framed in that black mane I had to kiss those luscious lips. She responded with a level of desire I have never felt. Her lips, her whole body simply became a blurred frenzy of passionate love making to which I found myself redoubled to respond to. She began low moans as waves of feelings flooded her pelvic region, she thrust harder and urged me to do the same as she entreated me not to stop. All my senses were acutely tuned upon taking her there. I felt an overwhelming sense of deep loyalty and held back until suddenly she began to thrash violently as if she wanted me to penetrate her very soul, her back arched and she came in floods of cries and moans and wonderful deep acceptance as I could hold no longer. I wanted to flood her. I too came in a cataclysmal, volcanic eruption that left my cum deep in her cavernous silky vagina. We lay still and I remained inside her. We held one another close. I could smell the odour of sex and it was so satisfying. More satisfying than I had ever known; something had changed. This was more than a fuck with a stranger. I felt as if I had arrived at my destination.





Chapter X- Morning

‘I am Karina,’ she said in a soft accented voice, stroking my chest and looking into my eyes.

‘You have come to us and we must honour this gift.’

‘But I don’t get it. What do you mean?’

‘Do not worry, all will be explained soon,’ She soothed.

‘Now we should shower and go down and have breakfast with the others.’

She threw off the covers, stripped her negligee easily from her body and with deftness for a fulsome woman, walked proudly and naked to the en suite.  I followed like a lamb, my head still swirling in confusion but my senses switched on to this gorgeous lover. I could smell her, sense her, could still feel her all over my skin. I felt in awe, my breath was difficult to control. I was suddenly relaxed and not at all fearful of this strange situation.

The en suite was lined fully in Tuscan Carrara marble, the fitments were all dressed in gold leaf, Karina stepped into the wet area and set the power shower to high at a medium temperature. She picked up the honeycomb, natural sea sponge and doused it in the delicately perfumed Crabtree & Evelyn body wash, rubbing it vigorously across her ample breasts.  My mind was in overdrive; her smells were still in my nostrils. Watching her dripping wet with the soap suds gathering like clouds all over her naked body was just too much even for my fatigued and much used body.

I walked in behind her and pressed my naked body into hers. She threw her head back slightly and smiled warmly as she carried on rubbing the sponge across her swollen chest. She stretched her body as she felt my shaft slip between her buttocks and allowed my erection to fall into the crevice she offered to me. My head was a swim with emotion but my desire was hot and I firmly put my arms round her, lifting her hands and placing them on the tilled wall of the shower cubicle. She leaned, lifting her buttocks slightly as she did so. This was a small but electric motion that had me in a dark frenzy. She pushed her buttocks out further from the wall and with her right hand she reached behind and guided me once more into the portal of perfection where her wet want was punished by my craving. I felt so inspired to satisfy the woman whose name I had not known until a few moments ago. I thrust upwards with such force that she had to continue to reach behind her to control the depth of my penetration. I held her by both shoulders, pushing her with my torso into the wall so her soaped breasts were crushed against the cold wet marble as I pulled her down onto my thrusting erection. I felt her shudder and moan again and with three final full thrusts released my unbridled ejaculation deep into her. She sighed, exhaled with a satisfied release of her breath.

Turning she took her sponge and washed my cock before scrubbing my torso and allowing the soap to glide across my chest and stomach. I allowed the strong jet of water to cleanse me before she closed the valve, cutting off the stream of warm water.

We dried ourselves in silence. She walked with a bounce in her step back to the bedroom area where she pointed to my clothes on the chair in the corner before moving to a wardrobe and taking out an Indian skirt and a jumper, then moving to the dresser where she selected some underwear before deftly dressing. She brushed her hair as I dressed slowly and then sat on the bed watching her, awe struck.

In all my life I had never felt so turned on and so satisfied. I had never cum in such quick succession; my whole being felt light and relaxed. Karina watched me as she combed out her hair and took a hair dryer from the dresser and carefully blew dry her long black mane.

When she had finished she put the drier down on the dresser top, turned and offered me her hand, before guiding me to the bedroom door, down the sweeping stairs and across the hall and into the huge kitchen breakfast room.

There sitting round a spacious island laughing and drinking coffee sat the three ladies. Annilee, Heather and Malinda. They stopped talking as we entered, looked at us and smiled warmly in unison.

‘Good morning John.’ Said Annilee gaily

‘I hope we have made you feel welcome. Now come and join us for you are surely now a part of each one of us.’ She ended as she reached for the cafetiere and poured two more steaming mugs of fresh coffee.











Chapter XI- Breakfast

I felt somewhat exposed and uncomfortable. Three of these women had had me penetrate them in the past ten hours and all four had had had intimate contact with me and they all knew it. I felt a mixture of emotions. I felt cheap, used, and dirty. Yet I felt powerful and proud. I looked round the island at them; all so different, all looking relaxed and comfortable. They were all dressed in casual but classy clothing; definitely upper middle class ladies. They kept chatting. The conversation was about a fire in one of the three local pubs and the girls were digesting and regurgitating the gossip that was circulating as to the cause. Annilee placed the filled mug on the counter top between Heather and where Karina had seated herself and beckoned me to sit. I slipped up onto the high stool one hand caressing the warm mug as my mind raced to comprehend the situation. What had happened between the writing group and me ending up here in this wonderful house with four strangers I had just spent the night having sex with? I took the mug to my lips and sipped the beautiful strong liquid, suddenly realising how badly I need a drink. This was a very strong coffee, Monsoon Malabar from the pack sitting on the opposite counter next to the coffee machine. The exotic taste cut through my thirst and coated my throat in flavour. I drained the mug.

Annilee reached for the mug, and once more filled it from the large cafetiere, plopped one Silver Spoon sweetener in, stirred it, replaced the teaspoon upon the spoon rest and returned to the island, placing the mug in front of me once again.

My quizzical expression must have taken her aback but she simply said without hesitation

‘You want to know how I know you take sweetener don’t you?’ she said.

‘Not only that but it is the very sweetener I use.’ I answered.

‘Yes it is.’ She said before re-joining the conversation which had move onto the failings of the planning authorities to stop further development in the village.

It was said in a matter of fact fashion. Annilee moving straight on felt like it was a rebuke for a naughty kid asking something they should just accept as fact. I was suddenly very confused once again. Did she mean it was just a coincidence of fact or did she mean she knew that I took sweetener and that specific brand?

‘Would you like something to eat?’ Karina asked. ‘I have some freshly baked bread.’ She finished.

‘Oh, I’ll have some.’ Malinda piped up. ‘Bacon sandwiches all round me thinks.’

‘Ok, I’ll get some on the go.’ Karina answered standing and walking to the other end of the huge kitchen.

My eyes followed Karina and I felt a warm glow well up inside me.

‘Did you sleep well John?’ Heather asked.

‘Yes but I had a very disturbing dream.’ I replied

‘Oh. What was it about? Do you believe in dreams then? asked Malinda.

‘Well, I don’t believe in dreams as such but this felt different and I have had it twice since arriving here, it just made me feel……strange to say the least.’ I ended reflecting on the feeling of helpless panic I had experienced during the dreams.

‘Pray tell us about it.’ Annilee chipped in.

When I had finished retelling the tale of the dreams a silence hovered round the room for an instant. I caught Heather’s stare at Annilee and saw Annilee rebut her stare with a slight nod of the head.

‘Dreams are what they are.’ Annilee suggested. ‘They are simply random ramblings of a brain in neutral gear. At least that is my take on the subject.’ ‘What do you say ladies?’ she threw the question out to the others.

‘Yes simply the brain relaxing and having a stretch.’ added Heather.

‘I’m sure…’ I replied ‘….but this felt somehow different. It has left me a little confused, as has the past twenty hours.’

‘I understand John. This must be very strange but let me try to explain.’ Annilee began. ‘We four are very close friends. We have known one another for a very long time. We look after one another and spend a lot of time together. We are a sort of community and we are linked to other communities who all share the same beliefs. Many of us have been persecuted for our beliefs over the centuries.’

‘You mean a religious cult like the Jesus Army?’ I asked

Heather and Malinda laughed softly but Annilee swung them a glancing look and both seemed to wither at her stare as if physically pained.

‘Yes we have beliefs and we follow what some may see as religious practices. But we are not a religious cult as such. We are in the main women with a common goal.’

‘Feminists.’ I commented thinking aloud.

Heather and Malinda could not contain their mirth.

Annilee snapped her head towards the two women and before I could blink both were sitting dressed in long flowing black velvet hooded capes.’

‘Shit!’ I cried dropping my mug which clattered onto the counter before falling to the flagstone floor and shattering across the kitchen.

 ‘OK who wants toast and who wants a bacon sandwich?’ Karina piped up ignoring the hullabaloo.
























Chapter XII- Hallucination

I felt my chest was being crushed, breathing was difficult, my head was a swim with thoughts, disbelief, and confusion. What was happening here, right in front of my eyes? Was I still in a vivid dream? It was all too bizarre to contemplate and my scepticism told me I was either delirious or asleep. But it felt so real; the sex, the place, the whole bloody damn shooting match. I sat frozen staring at Heather and Malinda.

In a disconnected voice I heard Karina ask again who wanted toast and who wanted a bacon sandwich.  I ignored this and concentrated like a drug addict on trying to decide what was reality and what was drug induced. I felt physically sick. It was like travel sickness when the brain and eyes cannot reconcile movement. But this was even worse as I was stuck in a horror film with a bunch of witches. Beautiful as they all were they were witches and I did not believe in witches it seemed.

My body was in flight mode but I was paralysed and I had no fight and so was trapped. Slowly the room came back into focus and my breathing returned to normal. I looked around and there were the four ladies and not a caped woman among them. Annilee, Heather and Melinda were still seated round the island, Heather and Malinda were staring intently at Annilee and Karina had moved behind me and was massaging my shoulders.

‘Are you alright?’ she asked as her fingers kneaded the knots in my neck and around my clavicle. I felt a fool, was I losing control of my senses? Karina’s efforts with her hands felt good, I began to relax again. Everything seemed normal, or as normal as could be under these bizarre circumstances. I wanted to believe this was just a group of bored upper middle class women seeking a bit of fun. Karina leant into me and kissed the top of my head, her hands sliding firmly down my chest as she hugged me into her ample bosom. The feeling of her breasts pressed into my neck and the back of my head felt intimately reassuring. I breathed deeply. I was still sleep deprived. My tired and confused state could account for this aberration or maybe the drink.

‘You will need to keep your strength up John.’ counselled Karina,

‘I’ll get you that bacon sandwich.’ she said returning to the other end of the kitchen.

Annilee stood up, reached across the table once more filled my mug. I stared at the table in disbelief, at the same mug I had seen topple from the table and shatter across the stone kitchen floor. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to shut out the voices of confusion in my head. Seeing the mug convinced me that it was my tiredness that had made me see the visions in my dreams and imagine Heather and Malinda in hooded capes.

Karina returned to the table with a platter of bacon sandwiches, she took the plate from in front of me and placed several sandwiches on it before returning it to its place. Malinda passed me tomato sauce and Coleman’s mustard leaving the brown sauce in the middle of the table as Karina served each lady in turn from the loaded serving plate. How did they know I always mixed tomato sauce and mustard on my bacon sandwiches? Was I simply looking for connections to explain my sense of mystery? Had Malinda merely passed these condiments to me randomly?

My thought was broken by Heather.

‘So John I hope you are having a nice time with us. You have been in the village a while now. Were you not running the youth club at one point? She asked.

I gathered my thoughts as I splurged sauce on top of the thick yellow smear of mustard that I had applied to the toasted bread. I replaced the coated slice onto the side dressed with the grilled bacon and raised the sandwich to my lips, taking a juicy mouthful. I chewed into the moist and sweetly hot combination, swallowing and washing it down with a swig of the lovely strong coffee before responding to the question.

‘I am very intrigued and just a little confused.’ I began. ‘It all seems very far-fetched and unlikely to happen in this village. Enjoyable yes but I have never experienced anything like it before. I have never had a twosome let alone a foursome!’ I paused. ‘It has felt amazing. All of you are so different and I feel so very fortunate to have you all to myself. And yes I have lived in the village for two decades now and have been involved in several community activities including running the youth club.’

Karina had re-joined us at the table and the conversation continued to ebb and flow dominated by village talk. The four ladies seemed unrushed and relaxed. I was somewhat glad we had moved the Meetup group from midweek to Friday to accommodate several folk who could not do midweek, otherwise I would have been rushing off for the long commute to Oxford and I was in no fit state to rush anywhere at this present time.

I looked at Karina and suddenly I felt a warm glow again radiate from my stomach and spread out all over my body. I quickly looked away feeling quite the fool. But it had been unmistakable. As I tried once more to gather my thoughts Annilee intervened.

‘Ok Ladies let’s get down to work we have much to do for tonight; Karina can you show John round the house, we want him to feel at home don’t we?’ she said.

Karina looked at me, a warm and caring look that lingered a little too long.

‘Karina remember our purpose.’ scolded Annilee.



Chapter XIII- The Tour

Breakfast taken, Karina led me out of the kitchen into the wide hall.

‘What is happening tonight?’ I asked.

She put her fingers to her lips to silence my questions and took my hand and drew me into the first room we came to. It was a large library three walls of which were lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves full to bursting with leather bound editions. A plush Persian carpet and heavy curtains gave the place good soundproofing.  A library bookshelf ladder stood against the far wall. A red leather winged armchair and a matching chaise longue stood in the centre of the square room with a standard lamp between them. To one side of the room, stood a lovely cherry wood writing desk with inlaid leather to match the other furniture.

Karina closed the heavy oak door turned and kissed me with a passion I had rarely known. Something inside me just felt it to be right. I leaned forward and took her head between both hands, I looked into her warm hazel eyes for a moment before kissing her deeply and returning her desire in a way that said ‘yes I believe’.

My breathing had become shallow and my focus was on this open and honest moment. We kissed passionately for several minutes using our tongues to probe one another’s mouths and our lips to scream to one another that there was no pretence only a willingness to satisfy one another. I ran my hands down her sides feeling her flesh beneath her clothing, moving round her waist before moving up her back and feeling every contour before cupping her swollen breasts in brief strokes of my hands. Our fervour was explosive, my kisses became so intent and I moved to slip her jumper over her head. Suddenly she held my hands, stopping my intent.

‘No…….not now….not here’ she whispered in a pant, continuing to rain quick kisses on my mouth.

‘Annilee would not be pleased’.

‘I am confused.’ I confessed. ‘What is going on? Why is Annilee able to dictate? Who are you guys and what is happening tonight?’

‘I will tell you but I must show you round. We are all to meet in the drawing room in an hour.’ She explained ‘We have a lot to do before tonight.’

‘What about tonight?’ I pleaded.

But Karina simply put her fingers over my lips, kissed my forehead and said

‘This is the library, we have many rare and precious specimens here, and we are all avid students of learning, which is in our nature.’ ‘You are free to use it anytime but the books must never leave the grounds of the house.’ She ended.

I was hooked. I was slightly apprehensive and still confused from the earlier experience in the kitchen. But I was overwhelmed with a feeling of wellbeing when I was with Karina. So I followed her round the remaining downstairs rooms, The dining room with its long expansive French window overlooking the side garden, The drawing room with an equally impressive conservatory overlooking the formally set out rear garden, the games room with full size snooker table and bar, the music room with a semiconcert piano and floor harp, the wine cellar, half of which was converted into a very well equipped office. Karina showed me round the walled-garden set with borders and fruit trees, large Victorian summerhouse and greenhouse. Upstairs there were six bedrooms and two large bathrooms. Five of the bedrooms were en suite. The final of which was a grand room with deep recessed windows and wide Georgian silver leaf four poster bed.

‘Here ends the tour.’ Karina said stepping over the threshold, turning the large brass key as she shut the heavy panelled door and deftly raised her arms to slip her cashmere jumper above her head.

Before her arms had dropped I had thrown one arm around her waist, pulled her too me and kissed her mouth firmly. My other hand cupped her left breast and squeezed and rubbed it gently but firmly. I was so fervent that she fell back against the back of the door. She had her arms over my shoulders and her mouth was hungrily engaging mine as we swapped deep carnal kisses. I felt her hands drop to my belt and undo the buckle in a swift tug, right then left. She pulled at my T-shirt and slipped the zip of my jeans down. I could feel the soft swell of her breasts beneath the material of her opaque bra and as I ran my hands down her flanks the soft, thin material of the Indian skirt felt sensuous against her body.  I was on fire for her again. I quickly pulled my jeans and underpants off and she immediately reached for my swollen penis. It felt as if she wanted to rip my cock from my body as she manipulated her experienced hands up and down my shaft in a corkscrew motion.

She twirled round and pulled me towards the vast bed and in one movement laid back heavily on it, drawing her legs up round me and pulling me on top of her. Her skirt rode flowing over her thighs exposing her gossamer panties.

With one hand she pulled the gusset to one side and with the other she took hold of my swelled penis and pulled me forcibly into her. She gasped as I went deep in one fluid movement. She was gloriously wet and I so wanted her. She raised her hips provocatively to increase my penetration, I had only thrust half a dozen times and it was all too late. I came in hot, heavy convulsed spurts as Karina arched her back in the delight of such unbridled want and came in one shuddering fatal orgasm.




Chapter XIV- Hieros Gamos

I lay in the warm, post coital, fugue like state where you float and thought is sterile and frozen in time for a short period. My release had been sudden but I realised that Karina made me feel that all I wanted was to get as close to her, as deep as was possible inside her, as I could. I had never in my life felt this before. I lay on top of her taking my weight with my elbows and my knees so I did not lie too heavily. Her ampleness was a lovely warm luxury. Her beautiful swollen breasts pressed to my chest with the bayonet nipples still piercing my desire, and her full womanly belly soft and welcoming me in comfort, while her open, wide, thighs held me in place. I could smell her wonderful aroma of mild perspiration and sexual juices combined and I felt weak with satisfaction. I just wanted to lay, still erect inside her, as she moved imperceptibly, pushing her hips down in aftershocks of luscious delight. I kissed her wonderful mouth. A deep, meaningful kiss to tell her this was no mere fuck.

‘John I should explain something to you.’ She began in soft accented tones as she stroked my back from my shoulders to my buttocks, ‘I am a hierodule…I am a decedent of the priestesses of Ishtar. A temple slave who must prepare a god for hieros gamos’

‘I don’t understand.’ I began, but she placed a finger on my lips in a soft and tender gesture to silence me.

‘You have been chosen as a human participant to represent the deity of Djedefre in his marriage to his bride Hetepheres II.’ She continued.

‘We four are all temple maids who must test and prepare you for this honour.’ She continued, ‘women who prepare and teach certain methodologies as to how sexuality should be experienced between partners, so that this splendid union can lead to a sacred marriage; in your case so that your seed may bring life. We are instructed to teach you how to live as a cultural human being, and especially how to make love properly – the hieros gamos way.’

‘I still don’t get it, it sounds weird, unbelievable gobbledygook to me.’ I said with mild distain, not wanting to break the sexual bond between us.

‘These are the legends we have passed on to the human race and oh you will soon believe, of that I have no doubt. Annilee will see to that.’ She warned.

‘Who the fuck is Annilee?!’ I asked with frustration.

‘Stop!’ Pleaded Karina, ‘you must take care not to fight this; there is danger in angering the gods.’ ‘I myself am in some peril.’

‘Why?’ I demanded.

‘Because I have found my personal hieros gamos.’ she replied, ‘Our bodies are one. And for me to have you I must make sacrifice beyond that in my power.’ She said sadly.

I looked into her beautiful hazel eyes, her lips so succulent. She had just told me she wanted me. The sadness in her voice made me want to reassure her, take her and hold her tight. The feeling was overwhelming and made me rise from the dead in Lazarus like recovery till my swollen cock filled her vagina, pressing her engorged walls to consume me. I kissed her in deep loving, held her tight to me, pulling her shoulders down to impale her more deeply as I thrust in slow full penetrations, long painted moves, withdrawing until my tip touched her labia before firmly pushing my full length into her. Her head thrust back and she arched her body and pushed her hips on to me as I drove hard and powerfully.

‘Oh!’ she moaned deeply, ‘don’t stop. Fuck me, please fuck me.’ she begged.

There was no answer to make, as her entreat gripped my imagination, other than to redouble my effort to meet this demand and to pummel her so that I could feel her shatter like a cracking chandelier.

Within seconds the glass fractured and allowed the torrent of dammed water to engulf us in the overwhelming suffocation of the perfect orgasm.

‘Hieros gamos.’ she whispered in soft feathers of breaths.














Chapter XV- The Truth

I lay not knowing if I was up or I was down. My body and mind were so relaxed I was melted to the bed. Karina’s smells permeated my every sense. I was once again spent. Karina lay purring gently in my arms her head nuzzled into my right shoulder, her right hand gently resting on my chest. I was going to ask her further questions that were flying round my head. But I did not have the will or the energy to do so.

‘John you must be warned, do not cross Annilee and do not try to breach this sacred coven.’ Karina said. ‘You do not have the ability to and believe me you humans have no idea’. She paused. ‘I cannot emphasise enough that the future for you is so special if you give in to us but if you chose otherwise you will feel so much pain and suffering you will beg to die.’

‘You are all mad, this is 21st century England, not Transylvania in the 1800s’ I offered in argument.

‘Do not jest!’ Karina scolded earnestly, ‘this is as real as it gets. You are in deeper than you will know.’

‘I am sorry Karina but this is simply ridiculous. I must get on my way as I need to be back at work on Monday. The weekend is over, done and dusted, time to get back down to normality; the drudge of everyday life.’ I held her voluptuous right breast in my left hand and stroked her hair with my right, as I did so her thick black mane turned slowly into a mass of seething scorpions. I pushed her head away instinctively and jumped out of bed.

‘Oh shit! This is crazy’ I exclaimed, a  sense of nausea rising from my stomach.

‘Not quite crazy John but I suggest above your comprehension.’ She postulated, turning to sit on the side of the four poster and reached out and pulled me back towards the bed. Her hair was normal again. I just knew I had seen it plain as day change and my cognitive calm spoke to me of hallucinogenic drugs. The only thing that could explain the last thirty-six hours were stimulants and Viagra.

‘Whatever, I am leaving in the morning.’ I said stoically.

‘Darling you already left.’ She replied without a pause, running her tongue up my chest and holding both cheeks of my bum in her hands.

I looked down at her more puzzled than before.

‘OK let me tell you the truth. We have to go down for the meeting or all hell and its demons will be upon us. Annilee does not trust me as she suspects I grow hungry for you’ she warned. ‘But we are of equal breeding and she cannot command me.’

‘You have been the subject of our attention for years.’ She paused as if for effect. ‘Years,’ she emphasised. ‘We have dictated your path for decades. Every twist and turn.’

I felt empty and in a panic. I could not believe Karina but at the same time I dared not disbelieve her. Everything that had happened felt unreal, except I knew something exceptional was going on. I still had not figured out if I had been slipped mind altering substances or not. I did not feel in anyway drugged

‘We turned your first wife off sex for six long years and sent Janet to you. She tested your metal for three months till we were sure you were worthy. We gave you a few play things just to see if you would take the bait. Then we gave you stability for sixteen years with Anna but she was one of us who needed to develop……, let’s say her skills. When she was proved we took her from you as we needed to wear you down till you were immune to the ups and downs and no longer one who had stars in their eyes. But you proved hard work. Your earthly side is strong, emotional and tenacious and your spirit of equal strength. We farmed you, groomed you, trying to break your spirit and your earth bound form. We took you to the brink on several occasions but we could not separate these two entities. We were convinced that you would contribute to the stability of we Ommlims. And we have to be sure as only half a dozen ever make it each decade.’

‘And what if I told you I was falling for you?’ I blurted.

She stood to her full height, a full two inches taller than I and her naked body pressed against mine. The fullness of her breasts and the wonderful glow in her face pressed me back to arousal and as I arose she grasped my erect cock in her left hand, gently moving her grip in her trademark corkscrew motion.

‘Then I must make my case, take the challenge.’ She whispered.

‘There is more to tell.’ She confided.

I leaned forward and kissed her mouth with a hunger I had never before experienced.

‘Now dress, quickly. We must go down.’ She ordered releasing me from her grasp.







Chapter XVI- The Lesson

I felt a mixture of bewilderment, fear and incredulity. I don’t believe in ghouls and ghosts, spirits, Gods or even witches I once said. I was still postulating upon the hallucinogenic substance and sexually motivated gathering of the four women theory as I pulled on my jeans and ‘t’ shirt.

Karina looked across the room and spoke in a serious, measured tone. Her wonderful soft accent did nothing to blunt her words.

‘John….it is important you listen to me. I know this is hard for you to accept, and you might believe there is something more rational behind all of these goings on, but I am telling you the truth.’ She paused for breath.

‘You need to know this before we meet the others.’ She stated

I looked at her. Her tone worried me as it was sincere and concerned.

‘Your recurring dream.’ She began, ‘the one about not being able to reach yourself.’ She clarified.

‘Karina! Annilee is waiting for the meeting to begin.’ cut in Heather as she flung open the door and entered the room somewhat flustered and breathless.

I was startled by Heather’s entrance but rooted to Karina’s words. My head was spinning with the echoes of the warnings Karina had issued and I had a cold foreboding feeling as I replayed my recurring dream in my head.

Without another utterance Karina gently pushed me towards the door to follow the retreating figure of Heather as she deftly descended the wide staircase.

‘Please do as I say and do not resist in any way, please John.’ She whispered, ‘you will come to no harm, I give you my promise.’ She ended as we moved across the hall towards the now open door of the library.

Karina entered and I followed. Annilee was sitting bolt upright in the red leather winged armchair, Heather had swiftly crossed the room and perched daintily to one side of the matching chaise longue while Malinda lent against the cherry wood writing desk. Karina walked with elegance to the chaise longue where she sat next to Heather.

‘Welcome.’ Began Annilee, ‘I trust that dear Karina has given you the full tour?’ She continued, emphasising full, and glancing at Karina with a disdainful look. Karina did not react. She simply returned Annilee’s gaze and remained impassive. I found myself standing in front of Annilee like a scholar in the Master’s rooms about to know if he has transgressed or is to be praised.

‘You will know by now that our bringing you here has a higher purpose dear John’ she paused ‘you have been selected, most carefully and with the utmost attention to detail for a very special reason.’

Malinda shifted her position against the writing desk and I glanced in her direction as she did so. She was wearing a teal coloured Grecian style dress with a plunge V-neckline draping into a cinching waist that complimented her near perfect silhouette.  The V -neckline was tied in elegant bows to her soft rounded shoulders and presented her wonderful full breasts in all of their magnificence.

‘Ah! our lovely Malinda. You have yet to taste all the fruits she has to offer, but you will; and soon, I promise you.’

I glanced at Karina but rather than a jealous look she was smiling warmly at me.

‘Oh pay no heed to that one’ Annilee said indicating Karina with a throwing back of her head. ‘she must do as we are bid even if she wants to stretch the rules and risk bringing us all punishment…..now we have served you and entertained you, and you appear to be unscathed, indeed up for it if I may say so.’ She finished with a rhetorical dig.

‘Look Annilee.’ I began.

‘John, you must not interrupt a High Priestess.’ Karina scolded.

‘High Priestess! Will you stop all this mumbo jumbo shit please ladies.’ I said with exasperation.

‘Malinda!’ ordered Annilee with authority.

Malinda slipped off the desk and came straight towards me. I had not noticed before just how lovely she was and what a perfect figure she had. The teal dress was beautiful and she looked stunning in it as she walked in a relaxed posture with her shoulders at ease, her head thrown back until she was standing square on right in front of me only and inch from my face.

I was not sure what to do and as I stood transfixed in yet another dilemma in this magnificent house. Malinda moved her hands to undo my belt and unzipped my flies while never taking her stare away from my eyes. I felt very uncomfortable and exposed being watched by the other three; even if I had been more than intimate with each one. I tried to lift my arms to prevent Malinda going further but even though I felt nothing, my limbs just would not obey my command. Just as in the bed there was nothing holding me but my body was just not my own to control.

Malinda pushed her small hands down my pants and took a firm grip on my already engorging cock. She pushed my pants down my thighs a little till she had liberated my manhood. She took my stiffened cock and wrapped it in the silky material of her dress pressing it round my shaft with her fist as she manipulated the soft fabric against me like a lubricant. I felt the breath squeezed from me as I gasped in involuntary delight. She leant forward slightly until her chest just touched mine each swollen nipple just brushing me through my ‘T’-shirt. I was entirely in surrender; even if I could command my body I was now not able to. She brought her head up, her fine soft blond hair brushing my neck and chin as she looked up, and stretching her neck slightly and tilting her head, she kissed me full on my mouth.

Looking me in the eyes again through warm but ice blue irises she freed my erect cock from her grasp and placed them on my shoulders. She gently put downward pressure on me and I felt myself sink to my knees and could do nothing to resist. She pulled my head into her belly and let me sink my face into her warm comfort, running her hands through my hair. I could smell her love juices from there and it was so stimulating. She slowly let her body sink down rubbing her ample breasts in my face until she joined me in a kneeling position. She kissed me again; a deep and hungry meeting of our mouths. I had become oblivious to the others by this time. All I could see was Malinda.

She once more took hold of my erection with her right hand and gently shoved me back so I had to slide my bent knees out in front of me so as not to cause myself the pain of trapping nerves. I realised that the only movements restricted were those that might be resistant to this sexual union. I fell onto my back and she slowly moved on top of me still holding me firmly in her right hand as she lifted her dress with her left and in a motion sank her wet warm and willing pussy over my glans till she had me engulfed.

Once more the sensuality of this was irresistible. I arched my back so as to meet her as she plunged to take the deepest penetration she could.

‘Give it to me John, give it to me.’ she urged as her back arched and she plunged time and time again onto my whole length. There was no resisting this plea from such a sensual woman in the throes of controlling my body and mind and I simply exploded in a cataclysmic end game. She continued to ride me gently, moaning as she did so, letting all of my cum spill into her, coating her glistening wet walls in my precious seed.







Chapter XVII- The Coven

I lay on the thick Persian rug, spent. My mind was once again awash as Melinda carefully dismounted me. I felt exposed and self-conscious but I could now move freely so pulled up my pants and my jeans rolled onto my side and stood up. Malinda walked across the library, opened the door and left closing it quietly behind her. Annilee, Karina and Heather were sitting smiling warmly at me but I felt a sudden chill shiver down my spine and my arms.

‘What is going on?’ I began, ‘This is not right.’ I continued, ‘I came here of my own free will but this was an assault. How did you make me do that? What the fuck have you poisoned me with?’ I asked angrily.

‘Calm down John.’ Annilee said with cool control in her tone. ‘You are now ours, fully.’ She added for emphasis, ‘We will take good care of you now you have fulfilled your destiny.’

‘Look you may have slipped something into my wine, a hallucinogenic and obviously Viagra and I may have participated in some of these sexual encounters willingly but you are making me angry now.’ I hesitated to gather my fragmented thoughts as my head still swirled with confusion, ‘You have gone too far. That was tantamount to rape and so humiliating.’ I challenged.

Annilee laughed softly and turned to Heather and Karina. ‘Karina take John to his room, let him shower and change his clothes then we will all eat in the dining room.

‘What?…….’I began in protest, ‘…..as though nothing has happened?’

Karina approached me

‘I am sorry John.’ Let’s go upstairs and I will explain.’ she said softy taking me by the hand.

I was angry, confused and beginning to be a little afraid. I felt I had little control and wondered if the girls had some grisly end planned for me, given their seeming total disregard for decency following this lewdness. Up till this moment I had felt an excitement, a sense of mystery. Even following Karina’s earlier talk I still felt interested despite feeling discomfort at some of the unexplained happenings. Now I was beginning to feel a sense of foreboding. Things had changed.

‘Karina, I am going to shower and leave, I am not staying after that nonsense.’

We ascended the wide carpeted stairway to the first floor in silence and went back to the large bedroom with the four poster bed where Karina sat on the made up bed and motioned me to sit with her. I moved to the elegant ‘button seat and back’ corner bedroom chair. I sat heavily trying to get a hold on my emotions which were whirling round like a dervish in my skull.

‘John.’ Karina said gently, ‘I am sorry it happened like that.’ Her soft accent and its silky tone already had me calmer. ‘I tried to warn you earlier and now you have been through the first phase of your purpose I can.’ She paused and waited till she saw I was giving her my full attention.

‘First phase?’ I asked with incredulity.

‘Yes first phase John. This is just the beginning of an exciting and important task you were chosen to help with.’ She paused again and seeing me shake my head in wonderment she continued. ‘John we four are a coven and we are set to prepare you for a wondrous honour that only happens once a century. I told you about hieros gamos.’

‘I thought you were just being dramatic; I still think you are all crazy. I thought it was just some role play thingy’ I said shaking my head full of questions.

‘It is not a game my darling.’ She said with incredible gentleness in her voice. She slipped off the bed and stepped in front of the chair upon which I was sitting, sinking slowly to her knees and placing her arms on my lap. She looked up at me her soft round features captured in the thick, soft mop of black hair. Her sparkling hazel eyes looked incredibly green and enticing.

‘I must shower and get out of here.’ I said, indicating I wished to end the conversation as I carefully moved her arms and squeezed past her before moving to the en suite, stripping off my clothes on the way. She stood and followed me, stopping at the entrance to the lavish bathroom.

‘This is real John. And you must not, cannot leave.’ she said apologetically. ‘That is simply not possible.’ She added with a decisive authority

‘Well watch me.’ I said defiantly as I stepped into the wide shower area beside the roll top bath with its ornate gold fitments.

‘John I told you earlier. You already left.’ She said with distain.

‘What do you mean by that?’ I said as I turned the shower on high and stepped into the powerful massaging spray.

She raised her voice slightly so I could hear her above the sound of the gushing water.

‘Your dreams, they were not dreams.’ She paused again.

‘We are four. We are like the north, the south, the east and the west. We stand guard when we are full. We are the now guardians of your being; the protectors of your sweet chosen seed. Once you had planted your seed in two of us last night your soul fractured from your earthly body. You went home early this morning. Your dream is simply the remnants of your earthly self, knowing something is missing and searching for it. You too search, hence the dreams, and you will do so until your earthly self heals the scar made by the separation of earthly and ethereal. And we must never allow those two parts to reconnect.’

‘You are completely mad.’ I said staring at her and recalling the dream in my head. ‘Look!’ I said pointing to my naked body, ‘I am flesh and bone, not some spirit.’

‘Mad?’ she repeated rhetorically. ‘Look.’ she said pointing to the full length mirror on the side wall of the shower cubical.  I turned my head and there through the steam I saw myself fully dressed, a quizzical look on my face, peering through from the other side of the mirror. My heart pounded and I felt a sense of panic. I stared at myself that lost look reflected to me just as it had been in my dreams. Suddenly I felt exhausted and turned and placed both hands against the marble wall tiles to stop from falling over. The heat and steam had made me feel faint. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. I stood for a few seconds feeling the warm water cascade over me. Suddenly Karina was rubbing my back with a soap filled sponge. I felt helpless and surrendered to the tenderness. She rubbed the sponge firmly over my back and my buttocks before slipping her hands under my outstretched arms and rubbing the scented sponge across my chest. She had disrobed once more and her ample breasts brushed tantalising against my naked back. She gently worked her way down to my groin where she very carefully washed my penis, which was rising to meet her exploring hands.

‘You exist in what you call a vast universe. To us you seem like ants in a single ant hill John. Now we must prepare you to fulfil the wonderful thing you must do. The journey has only just begun.’ she explained as I relaxed in her care. ‘I promise I will ensure you understand your purpose and enjoy the experience.’











Chapter XVIII- Heaven and Earth

Once again I felt exhausted and totally spent. Except this time it was an intense physical thing. I felt the urgent need to lie down and just sleep. My mind could still not accept what was being said and what I had seen. It was still like a nightmare from which I told myself I would soon awaken, but felt partly paralysed in fear over such unbelievable concepts. My conscious mind kept feeding me with rational earth bound explanations, drink, drugs, and tiredness, while my creative mind assembled a construct of fearsome proportions, witches, Gods, dimensions, being trapped in time. Karina sensed my physical frailty and my dilemma. She finished soaping me, let the strong shower stream wash the suds from my body then turned off the shower before reaching for the large Egyptian cotton bath towel hanging on the heated rail with which she rubbed me all over, bending to dry my lower body and legs. I felt cleansed and warm.

Karina then led me to the bedroom where she went to the bed and pulled back the bedspread, laying it across the foot locker, before turning back the now crisp clean sheets and guiding me to the bedside. I felt I just need to lie down and climbed naked onto the soft linen. My body just relaxed into the firm mattress as Karina climbed in beside me also naked and pulled the duvet over us both. She lay behind me and wrapped her body round mine in a soft loving embrace.

“John there are things you will only believe when you experience them. Humans tend to make things up to explain what their primitive science and intellects cannot make sense of. It makes them feel safe and in control. Over the centuries you have made up stories and myths to explain what you cannot fit into your crude constructs. God is one of your myths, as are werewolves and witches and aliens. Funnily enough there is some truth in some of the things you believe. There are higher powers and they are not earth bound, but neither are they bound to the universe as you know it.” She explained

I was feeling incredibly sleepy but was hearing everything Karina said.

“We are able to operate within your world  while protecting you from the truth and so we could go about our business of using your species undetected. Sometimes there were breaches and at those times when our worlds met, humans created fictions around those encounters; hence witches, god and aliens. And we fed these myths to distract you from things you could never comprehend. Oh you are such sweet and primitive beings.”

Karina placed her arms round me and was stroking my flaccid penis as I began to drift into sleep. Her welcome full breasts felt so reassuring against my back. I felt strange, a deep sense of trust as though a weight was lifted. My body felt more relaxed and at ease than ever and my mind was in a dream like fugue before I lost consciousness.

I opened my eyes. At least that is what I used to do but something had changed. I was aware of mentally focussing. I had no concept of time and space and could not feel arms, hands, fingers and legs and feet and toes. I no longer had an impression of my face and the features I had lived with all these decades. It was as though I floated in a warm fluid space. I had no notion of eyes or ears or any senses; simply a feeling of being. I felt safe, reassured and content. It was wellbeing like smoking cannabis except I did not feel at all stoned. I could not see but I didn’t need to. I had a sense of being a reddish ball floating in a bluish space. As I began to form a conscious stream of thought I was suddenly aware of the presence of others. Other bodies floated with me in this open and limitless space. I was aware of different coloured floating images in this amniotic blue ocean. One of them was reddish like me. It floated and hovered very near me as others circled all around, passing by as if on an onward journey. There was no sound. It was deadly silent but it felt peaceful rather than empty. I sensed a journey. As if I was meant to go somewhere, I knew I had to but had no sense of movement or direction or destination. I felt as if I was accelerating, moving fast, suddenly the other reddish form was moving too. We were travelling faster than the speed of light, suddenly I had a premonition of an impending impact and I sensed the two of us were going to collide as we spun in space in opposite directions.

My being felt light and fluffy and I had a sense of being delicate There was no fear of disaster just a realisation of being and an intense understanding of evolving.

We crashed together but there was no impact only a sensation of softly splitting and floating. It felt like the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced.

As I was beginning reorientation I heard what seemed like Karina’s moans when she had climaxed.

A white light enveloped me and as I floated in a state of high well-being I remembered a biology lesson long forgotten from decades previous. I imagined my tutor Mr Boyle standing at his lectern, the image was so real I felt I had been thrust back in time by the impact as he explained that the word dandelion derived from the French dent-de-lion, meaning “lion’s tooth”. It is from the family Asteraceae he told us.

“Taraxacum species produce seeds asexually by apomixis, where the seeds are produced without pollination, resulting in offspring that are genetically identical to the parent plant. It is also known as agamospermy, that is asexual reproduction through seeds.”

I was in a state of what I can only describe as absolute contentment. I had no idea what had happened to me or what any of this meant. What had seemed at first to me to be incredible, no impossible, had happened. Yet I felt no threat, simply a sense of purpose. I knew it had something to do with sex and ritual in some way but I had not simply stumbled across a group of atheistic Satanists, this had not been about the sort of satanic ritual abuse which had caused worldwide moral panic in the eighties.

Some of what had happened reminded me of a book I had read ‘Black Sun’ by Goodrick-Clarke about the Order of Nine Angels thought to have formed in England in the sixties from the merger of three neo-pagan groups from Herefordshire and Shropshire and organised in covert cells, described by some as ‘sinister tribes’. But given my out of body experiences this was altogether more difficult to explain.

Without warning a most terrible high pitched scream filled my senses. I was aware it was Karina. It was the most hideous, piteous and disturbing sound I had ever heard. Before I could refocus I was suddenly pulled with great force and speed backwards and downwards as if I was a bubble being sucked into a drain. Then everything went blank.


© John Alexander McFadyen, 2015

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