Newly Decorated Rooms

Just another Christmas tale

Newly decorated rooms



Painted the ceilings

Painted each wall

Decorations and holly

Adorned in the hall

Now is the time for reflections

and a little pause

Everything’s ready

For the coming of Santa Claus.

Stocking is hung ever so high

But as I sit back

I just wonder why

For the family never visit anymore

Even though it’s an ever-open door.

So on Christmas morning

As I sit all alone

Patiently waiting for the ring of the phone

But for me not a single sound

Perhaps they think I’m dead

and buried deep in the ground.

But what’s the use of a grumble

Or even a moan

I just have to live with being all alone

But I remember

When the house was full of noise

The children screaming

Because of much wanted toys

The house was alive

Till they went to bed

Time for peace and time to clear the head

But those times are long past and gone

For me now, time just drags on.



© potleek 2023
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A heartbreaking situation for far too many older folk. It makes me wonder why anybody thinks a family is for life now, so many extended family members to visit and so much rushing from place to place that the person who loves you the most, spent their life caring for you and setting themselves aside to give you the best life they could is now discarded like an old shoe.
You have caught the the situation perfectly, the ever present hope and the cutting realisation that you are again unwanted forgotten and alone. Sue.

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