December Mission – Three linked Haiku

Pine sharp resin tang
Hazy slice of winter sun
Cruel axe biting

Snow crunched dragging
Sibilant whispers wind borne
Smiling assassins

Clear points of pure light
Single bright star paramount
Carnage vindicated.



A first try at both haiku and poetry. I hope all you poets will forgive me.

© ellieg 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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thanks for your submission!


it was fine I think, I am going to try this soon I hope!

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Ellie, though I’m in a bit of a frenzy this close to the holidays, wanted to add a note of welcome to the challenge and tell you I’m going to try for an entry myself for next Monday so will save any feedback from me on your entry until then. But can I add a couple of suggestions that I think would enhance your piece to the best effect: A title to reflect your theme or concept ( as you do with your stories) – and if you can find something suitable on the Internet – a visual such as… Read more »

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🙂 🙂

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