Starforged Opening

‘This may be the last time you see such a marvellous sunrise for a while, immersed in your studies as you will surely be. Besides, the east face of the fortress has few windows and unless you scale the bastion on that side the vantage would not suffice.’ The enchantress Elariana had a soft husky voice that held a chiding tone yet Rayn did not answer in kind. Nor did he glance back over his shoulder, instead he feigned more curiosity than was warranted as the carriage drew closer to the fabled Elithial keep. 

The emerald eyes of the seeress held a bridled power within them that gave her presence and voice weight. An aura that told of an ancient force as old as the bones of the world. Raynoeshi had heard tales of the orders history as an eager and mischievously curious brat. Then from the teachings of Master Fallion in the crypts of Rainvale castle. Though the enchantress was robed and veiled, he knew the order of Vhel had once donned armour terrible to behold and not of the metals known to him nor countless others inclined to seek higher insight. They had wielded the Morningstar sanctified by Elithialthauro and her peers, the order imbuing the otherworldly ore with the full fury of the elements in the times prior to the reckoning of man. The ancient creatures and races bear the brunt of those lamentations, the shock wave and the consequences that ripple on to plague his days. The weapon was held high in one hand whilst the other hand would deftly trace the glyphs needed to invoke white fire and raging storms.

During the schisms that tore the continent of Vhelgaard in twain they had exacted their swift justice upon combatants that championed either side of the rift. For when the successor is chosen the claim will eventually be disputed one way or another and inevitably challenged by those of the line that deem themselves more worthy. Loyalty to the blood is an outdated concept and just another intricacy; Another cog comprising the clockwork of politics veiled in subterfuge throughout these lost years and fractious times.

‘The sunrise is marvellous indeed’ he absently offered.

Pondering all this Rayn could hardly lament the loss of the dawn. No, he knew long before his fate was set in stone by the Prime of the order, he was a child of the night. His heart was beholden to the darkness, it’s soft velvet embrace fanned the embers of his soul and caused the fire subdued within to ignite.

Visions of the Seeress


Submerged in voluminous, voluptuous velvet 

The void reaches out, it hears you

No insipid, soulless hands of fate will cradle you, no thrall, no tranquil will you be

You reach for the void, all is not quiet

Gibbering to coalescence wanted, hungry, becoming the thrilling call of compulsion

For you have fallen, I judge irredeemably

The call, snaking into coherence as words twist in your mind, born from an even, matched cohesion

Darkness is not the end my friend

What will you find beyond all dimensions and perception of mortal kind?

In the absence of all, darkness and light, what will find you, bereft and soaked in malice

No solace in oblivion, it yearns to implement the faceted brilliance which imbues your soul

And what undreamt steed will carry you my king?

What dreaded horror will you ride as you  visit absolute death then annihilation of all known and unknown in my happy realm?

What worlds will you devour then? Will you turn in upon youself as the snake with the tail in its mouth?

For I dispute this lonely, ravenous hunger will find itself satiated

A cold and bitter existence will await you in eternity

Perpetual in the void you are the void

You will eat everything you hope to rule and look upon yourself with questing hunger


© Raistlinrev 2023
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This is a very interesting read. Something about this grabbed my interest and attention and I’m not sure exactly what. Not my usual kind of read but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Strange but true.

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