Find me the feelings

” this honey melting in my soul is all it wants to hold you closer to me”

Find me the feelings

and nothing less, for emotions give

the mind what it needs

and cannot be without.

This honey melting in my soul

is all it wants to hold

you closer to me.


You, so weak in my arms, feel

how you glide deeper

into the abyss with the forever sands

slowly covering your shape.


I tell you that we can

still forgive one another. Remember,

how, even before meeting each other,

you were already thinking about me

and dreaming about the way

to surrender your heart.


Listen to the words abandon, fall and forget,

cry the last tears in a climax

of no return.

Say lilies, light, the flight

of white birds above the clouds,

the glow in the sky. Say autumn

in spite of the blue in your eyes. Feel

the dawn in your throat,

the honey between our shadows,

just before falling.


I wanted to leave, so I went

with a stranger. He was married.

We touched each other just to prove

we were still here. I watched the rain

entering the cracked windows.

And coming home I scrubbed myself clean,

fell onto my bed like a torch and felt

the flames gnaw through my body

until the sky was bleeding.



© Yutka 2023
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Incredibly moving. Welcome to UKA and thanks for sharing your talent.

Alison x

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