This time

A not very romantic love poem.

This time

This time, I have been lucky
the heart is not
completely shattered
one single break,
definite, clean
no lingering thoughts
of what should have,
could have,
might have been.

This time, no repairs are possible.
No half fed hope
of a different outcome
a happier ending
if we had taken longer
worked harder
knew more
wanted less
been stronger.

This time, there are no photographs
to remind us,
cause pain
on seeing some starry night,
blue sea, white sand
just the ruins
no you or me
happy and smiling
my hand in your hand.

This time, with experience,
love knew its limits.
Ravelled up its own ends,
left nothing to chance,
gave only what was expected
no additions,
no unwanted gifts,
no memories
later rejected.

And yet, this time
with its predetermined end
its limits, boundaries,
places not visited,
mountains we did not climb.
This is the love
that I will remember
long after
this time.

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