God’s Nuclear Winter Without Verbs


Up and about on the eighth day,

time for a stroll in the dark,

across the wide windy waste

of ice-bound body parts.


A smile of triumph on his face:

infinitely better than Pompeii.

Peace on Earth at last – and no more 

fucking prayers at midnight!





© Nemo 2022
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A deity confused about the exact chronology and the motivation, one would surmise. Was it after the Vesuvius eruption of 79 that I destroyed the world? And what for? To silence a few moaning minnies?
I know that the work was done in a hurry and maybe it was shoddy but were those seven days a waste of time? A lot to ponder about; let’s wait for judgement day.


Ha. Very good. 🙂



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Possibly you didn’t mean to post this to the actual poetry challenge for, other than commenting on Shy’s piece, you weren’t interacting with the work of any other entrant and hadn’t first submitted something of your own – which is the way a challenge works – or is intended to work. I also think those of us who did enter posted way too early and should have waited until the set date. There should have been no opportunity for anyone to later submit work which was inspired by/a response to another person’s entry, as you did. That doesn’t feel legitimate… Read more »

 <span title="Pro Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: red;">***</span><p>

The site managers don’t make the rules for these challenges, the participants do. As I said, colossal mistake on the part of those of us who posted early. Yes, people who are not entrants do comment on these pieces, and that’s fine. I’ve now commented as a challenge participant on yours and told you what I think of your entry. Others have responded with their views. Interestingly, Shy hasn’t. No, it isn’t ‘compulsory’ to comment on the work of other entrants, Nor is it a requirement to respond when someone does leave a comment on your entry. But not doing… Read more »


no Bel, no colossal mistake at all, you must feel free to post whenever you feel ready, whenever you want, and if our poem inspires someone else that’s okay too in my opinion that’s a good thing. isn’t it?


Indeed, in good faith and in good time to meet the deadline. The deadline is the day the challenge ends, and it starts when someone sets a challenge with a deadline or without (which is better in my opinion, that way we can have many poetry challenges and we would be able to choose which one inspires us the most and then revisit the other challenges too maybe we are now ready for a new one already waiting for us) Not a site manager, but as the person who set this challenge you have not transgressed in any way. As… Read more »


Liked the poem even though I’m a none believer. As for the rules and regs of the comp? Deal me out.

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