God’s Nuclear Winter Without Verbs


Up and about on the eighth day,

time for a stroll in the dark,

across the wide windy waste

of ice-bound body parts.


A smile of triumph on his face:

infinitely better than Pompeii.

Peace on Earth at last – and no more 

fucking prayers at midnight!





© Nemo 2023
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Here I am, nemo, as promised oh so long ago. 🙂 Reading this as a delightfully pithy, if not downright sardonic, indictment against belief in any god who determines our destinies and responds to our prayers of desperation ( should we have sacrificed enough to deserve a response) – let alone one overseeing the development and continued build-up of nuclear weapons leading to a nuclear winter. On reflection, though, maybe god’s wily sleight of hand is in allowing man the intelligence to reach such an achievement? Just enough rope for man to hang himself and oops, there goes another species?… Read more »

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