My wishes

My wishes are dreary and cold

Time, in rush, under the sun is sweating,

And summer sears stories can’t be told,

The heart by itself is obliged to live beating,

In cadence with love words of a song,

Which a pretty girl sang so long, so long.

I sighed, then, and sympathized with her pain,

Later, to recollect those words, I tried in vain.

Her eyes were intense black, sad and wet.

Where starless winter night wove his web,

A desire rose, then in my solitude, I wept.

 At that moment I loved, yet couldn’t speak;

Now she is a misty shade at its lowest ebb,

My fondness remains, upon my chest creeps.

Salty rain drops, in the eye, trickle down the cheek.

   While the heart, with nettling remorse, weeps.

© jamalbbd 2023
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Very nice. So many lovely lines. Do you mean, “in cadence with a love words of a song” It doesn’t make sense grammatically to me?

Rachel 🙂

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