This has happened once or twice recently.

Middle of the night

silence all around,

what woke me up,

what was that sound?

Was it the creaking of a boot,

Or perhaps a night owl’s hoot?

I put out my hand

your space is bare

then I realise,

you’re no longer there.

There it is again

quite close to my ear

I’m not worried

I have no fear.

Perhaps it is you

wanting to be near.

I close my eyes 

silence returns 

I shed some tears 

as my heart yearns.




© pommer 2020
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Bereavement can be devastating, especially in the ‘wee small hours’ Very well expressed.


Aye Pommer there are some spaces that cant be filled, maybe there not meant to be, well penned.


Written how it is, Peter. Loss has many facets, surprises, and deceitful tricks doesn’t it?. Half-asleep lets the mind run free into areas normally fenced off by wish and hope, makes you think anything can happen, then allows the daylight to wrench you back so cruelly to painful reality where contact can appear to be lost. But who knows what is going on. There’s a cruel callousness to natural sounds that increase the sense of lost comfort and support. I hope you are able to sleep on after these disturbances.

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