The movement of butterflies in flight:

Daintily flying high and gliding low.

Fluttering petal soft wings.

The butterflies alight upon a bough;

Here to rest a while before taking to wings.

There are now a host of such creatures.

Entangled and chasing intricate patterns in the air.

Flowers being the hunts main feature.

A sudden breeze hastens the butterflies dispersal.

Toward heaven they take flight and fright.

Butterflies sail and soar by, in refuge, communal.

Alarm over: the flowery scents an attractive delight.

Uniting, momentarily; perched upon the plants.

Dividingly they scatter in swirls of bright coloured pennants.


by Eleri.61

© Eleri.61 2023
Views: 1994
critique and comments welcome.
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Strong on descriptive image, I like ‘intricate patterns’ made me think of Lissajous figures

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